JD-/29 A sports week-end for Spaniards

Spain vs France in the Finals for the women eurobasketball championship (6-30, 11:00am Pacific Time). All the information here: France is the host team and the favorite one, but you never know with those crazy Eastern Mexicans, they could take that crown just to please me.

Spain vs Serbia semifinals game highlights

Just in case you´re tempted to, no one here has permission to root for Eastern Quebec, not even if you´re a Batum fanboy or a cheese lover.

The U19 Spanish National Basketball Team is playing in the U19 World Championship. You can follow the championship here

Spain has a very solid team with a lot of good players with great fundamentals but no obvious stars. The Spanish basketball programs are really good and it shows in these tournaments. Most of them will have a good future in the ACB. Nobody has shown enough to be considered a NBA prospect, although there´are a few ones who have the physical tools to get there, especially Willy Hernangómez.

The favorite teams are USA and Croatia (in the next 3 years Croatia will have at least one, probably two or more, guys in the NBA draft. Their young generations are that good, including Saric, Hezonja, Bender, Mazalin, Arapovic and others). Spain plays against Croatia por their group leadership today at 4:15am Pacific Time. USA plays against Soviet Russia at 11:15am Pacific Time.

Le Tour de France starts this weekend with some Spaniards in it, as always. You can follow it here

Spaniards are totally dominating Moto GP races. Today Moto 2 race starts at 4:20am Pacific Time. Moto GP starts at 6:00am Pacific Time. Lorenzo (current World Champion) has had surgery (broken collarbone) and yesterday, just 25 hours after his surgery, he was riding again. He will be competing today. Holly Cow. Marquez broke his pinky yesterday, and you already know he´ll be also in this race. Profesional sport guys go through crazy stuff. I´ll think about that next time I have something to say about an injured player performance.

You can follow the races here

Formula One: Here in Eastern Mexico most of us root for Alonso. Schedule: Qualifying , Sat 29-4:00am Pacific Time. Race, Sun 30-4:00am Pacific Time. You can follow here

Spain will play against Brazil on Sunday 30 for the FIFA Confederations Cup title, 3:00pm Pacific Time. Brazil is the host team, are you´re not allowed to root for those fake Portugeese either. You can get more information here

The Spanish song for today, so somebody can practice his Spanish while listening Mexican (this time for real) music:

And then a beautiful Spanish poem by Quevedo, translated by Brandon Holmquest, anticipating the decadence of Spain after its called Golden Century (right click and open in a new tab or window):



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