The LMA Trade that WILL work

Lets get to the point; our All Star, and Leader of the team wants to get out of Portland. He has been through the highs and the lows, and has always been just outside the lime light. He got a taste of it the last couple of years when he was the man, but he was shoved to the side again(inadvertently but still..) when Damian Lillard showed up. He was the third and least important/most expendable of our doomed big three from the get go, and only arrived out of necessity when Greg Oden Never REALLY got it going, and Brandon Roy had a horrible set of cards dealt to him with his knees. He is tired of this city and knows he is not going to win a championship being on a team where he is the number one option. He wants to go to a team that has All Stars, but a team that is a move away from a championship, IE he wants to go to Chicago. who WOULDN'T want to go there? Play with Derrick Rose, and a few other All stars? A great city in a big Market with a storied franchise? Of course he wants to go there. And where else? Dallas! His home town, where they have the most polarizing big spending owner in our league! But we are not here to make LaMarcus happy. That is not my primary goal, nor should it be the Blazers ownership. They should not be forced to trade with those teams because that is where he wants to go, especially if it is not in the best interest of the team.

So here is my trade proposal,

Portland gives

LaMarcus Aldridge 3 years left 13.5 million next year

Joel Freeland 3 years left and 3 million next year

possible rights to one or two euro guys we have or draft picks

Portland Receives

Kevin Love 4 years left 13.6 million next year

Derrick Williams 3 years left and 4.8 million next year

possible draft picks or euro guys if Minnesota has them

The possibles on both sides is really for whichever team is a better negotiator. You can argue That LaMarcus or Love is the better PF if you include health, and what they do on the defensive floor. Love can rebound and shoot better, but LA is more well rounded on offense and defense combined. Also the Williams and Freeland trade is optional as well and not needed. I threw that in because though Joel showed some positives, he is definitely overpaid, and Williams has had more time to show what he can do, and he still hasn't, and though not a but is getting paid 5 million, which is too much for what he does. A change of scenery can do wonders for a player, and as a top five pick, we could do that for him. Love's contract is a year longer then Aldridge's, so we would have an extra year to show him that we can compete. He has a player option that year, however he is FROM Portland and has always been a fan favorite and a local Icon.

Positives for Minnesota- they get rid of Williams, which they have been trying to do. Love has stated before he is really not happy and has always been pretty pi**ed that they did not offer him a max deal. Aldridge THRIVED playing pick and roll ball with Andre Miller and even Rudy Fernandez, and flashy passes is something Minnesota is very well equipped to accomplish with Rubio, and SHVED. Also, though Freeland has definitely shown bust potential, he is not all bad, and has no where to go but up.

Positives for Portland- Gets another guy who can SHOOT the ball from deep in Love, further opening the driving lanes for the guards. Kevin Love also still manages to be a magnet for rebounds though he shoots outside a lot(LA's excuse on why he doesn't get rebounds). He's a local guy, a great plus in getting him to stay, which is hard for Portland to do with Franchise players. Get Williams as a serviceable back up who I believe just needs a change of scenery to improve. he has a chance to play small forward and Power forward in Portland. Love also had a down year last year, so this could be one of our only chances to get him.

Now he might not be a defensive minded center, but he is the BEST offensive Power Forward in the NBA hands down. He also is the best rebounder in the league as well, especially considering the fact that he takes so many outside shots. This would still leave us with 8-9 million, with which we could whatever with. With That potent of an offense, I would go for a truly defensive minded Center in Asik somehow, especially sense Houston really looks like they are going to be a big player in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Finally like everyone is saying, bring in Jermaine for a minimum and...boom this is what we have

Depth Chart






The starting lineup ALONE would have

Three Solid defenders in Matthews Batum and Asik (DL said he was going to become a better defender this offseason, and I believe it, he hasn't let us down yet, and is turning more and more haters into believers with everyone he accomplishes when no one else thinks he can)

FOUR deep threats. Love, Lillard, Batum, and Matthews could all shoot at or over 40% this year. Look no further then San Antonio and what they did with a couple beast 3 point specialists, a dynamic point guard, and a great albeit old defender in the middle.

And the bench is improved as well with CJ and Possibly Maynor running it together with Crabbe hitting corner threes and Leonard, Withey, and Williams coming in and imroving, with Oneal Taking a Veteran been there, done that, let me teach, approach.

What do you think? Possible? Would you do it? Let me read your thoughts! This post is geared for trading LMA, not really keeping him, so try to stay on topic and thanks for the posts in advance!!!!

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