2013 NBA Draft Day Rumors Thread: Part 2

"I fell to 10 but woo, I'm a Blazer!" - USA TODAY Sports

More rumors galore!

Good day, and welcome to NBA Draft day, 2013 edition! The draft starts at 4:30pm, but we're not waiting for that. We'll have an ongoing chat all day, as well as the usual draft-night Gameday Thread. In the meantime:

- I'll be here to live-blog rumors, trades, and any breaking news. All rumors are fair game here, not just Blazer rumors!

- Ben and Dave are standing by to post both breaking news and analysis of all the day's events. Don't forget to follow Ben on the Blazer's Edge Twitter Feed.

Be sure to check out Dave's Draft Day Mailbag for final thoughts about tonight! And you can check today's earlier activity in the NBA Draft Day StoryStream.

Here are today's ongoing stories (latest at the top):

- 3:20: - Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Celtics and Nets ownerships are now involved in the discussion of a blockbuster trade. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry would head to Brooklyn, and Kris Humphries, Reggie Evans and former Blazer Crash Wallace would join Boston. There are draft picks and other stuff involved, check out the link for details. [UPDATE: Woj reports that a deal is in place, but still requires KG's approval.]

- 3pm: All kinds of trade rumors, various wheeling and dealing. But no actual deals yet. Will keep you updated.

- 1pm: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports says on Twitterr that Sacramento likes Ben McLemore, and is trying to move up to grab him. What does that say about their plans for Tyreke?

- 12:15pm: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports says on Twitter Anthony Bennett may drop to 10, and if so the Blazers could grab him

- Noon: Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.com: "Indications" are that Blazers plan to keep their pick, even though they'd like to add vets. I guess the offers aren't too impressive so far.

- Noon: Latest Chad Ford Mock switched the Blazers from taking Adams to Trey Burke, to grab as an asset.

- Overnight: Jason Quick reports that LaMarcus is unhappy. Hmmm, perhaps he's just cranky after being asked the same thing repeatedly. Ok wait, now he's ok with in Portland and just wants the team to improve this offseason. Glad that's all cleared up.

- This Morning: Nate McMillan is joining the Indiana Pacers as an assistant coach. No comment.

- This Morning: ESPN says Dwight Howard doesn't want to re-sign with the Lakers. This is where Olshey can become the miracle worker.

- Today: Shabazz and Gobert are dropping in the latest mock drafts. This draft is going to be messy. The last mocks have the Blazers choosing SamSteven Adams. I'm never going to get that one right.

- Ken Berger, CBSSports.com writes: "The Trail Blazers like Carter-Williams, McCollum and Zeller. If none is available, some teams think Steven Adams could be Portland's pick."


Let's keep the conversation in one place! If you're hearing about news and rumors, post it in the comments here! If it's a big story, we'll quickly have a front-page post about it anyway.

The usual gameday rules apply. Hang out, relax, and enjoy watching the day unfold! -- Tim

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