Rebuild Trade Scenario

This is an outline of what I think the Blazer's should do for rebuilding. I hope they could get 3 first round picks plus Harrison Barnes, but I would take 2 first round picks and Harrison Barnes. This is a basic outline, so if you think its not a perfect fit for both teams, then you can move some pieces around to make it work for all teams


Lose: Lamarcus, Batum, Wesley, 39th pick, 40h pick, 45th pick (30.9 MIllion in Salaries)

Receive: Harrison Barnes, Washington's 2013 & 2014 First Round Pick, Golden States 2014 First Round Pick, Emeka Okafor's expiring contract, Richard Jefferson's expiring Contract, Andris Biedrins expiring contract, (35.5 MIllion in Salaries)

Golden State:

Lose: Harrison Barnes, David Lee, Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins, 2014 First Round Pick (34.7 Million in Salaries)

Receive: Lamarcus, Batum, Trevor Ariza, 39th Pick (31.7 Million in Salaries)

Why Do it: Golden State wants to take the next step and compete for a championship. They were close this year, but were short a big man that can score and defend. Lamarcus should be that guy and they get a guy in Batum who is a talented wing that fits their scheme. Also, they are able to shed some of the salaries in Biedrins and Jefferson so they can resign Jarret Jack or Carl Landry.


Lose: Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, 2013 & 2014 First Round Pick (20.8 Million in Salaries)

Receive: David Lee, Wesley Matthews, 40th & 45th pick (19.2 Million in Salaries)

Why Do it: Washington also thinks they are on the cusp of making the playoffs after Wall had a strong return from injury and led them to a winning record. The 2 needs that they need to fill are another wing shooter and a big man who can score. Having 5 guys in Wall, Beal, Mathews, Lee, and Nene to finish games could be deadly. Also, this trade saves them 2 million in salary which will help them sign free agents this offseason for another wing that can help

I think this would be an amazing trade for the blazers. This would allow them to have a ton of picks the next 2 years, have a chance at Wiggins in next year's draft, and have a ton of cap space next summer.

If you traded 10th pick and Washington's 2014 Pick for a top 5 pick, you would have 2 top 5 picks. I would target Oladipo and Len. I would then try and trade Golden State's 2014 First Round Pick for Terrence Jones. Crucial to get a 4 that can guard bigs or smalls

2013 Potential Roster

PG: Lillard

SG: Oladipo

SF: Barnes

PF: Leonard

C: Len

(6th Man/Mobile 4): Terrence Jones

Backup Wing: Ariza

Backup Wing: Jefferson

Backup Center: Okafor

Backup Big: Freeland

Backup Wing: Barton

Backup Wing: Claver

This team would probably be one of the worst in the league, but would have a ton of high potential players who with development could be great 2 way players. The next year the Blazers would have around 30 MIllion in Cap Space and a high first round pick.

This is my first post. Let me know what you think



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