Don't Trade LMA, but if you do....

I'm not going to freak out about the negatives of this. We all know that you can't just replace LMA because guys like him don't grow on trees. I think we should keep him and shape our roster like the Spurs but with better complimentary pieces of 6'7''-6'9'' guys that can dribble, pass, and hit the open 3 to spread the floor for Lillard and LMA. This post isn't about that. This post is about where we would be in 380 ish days if we make a trade with the Cavs. This is my twist and it assumes a lot like any post has to do with many factors yet to be determined (salary cap, draft position, dumping Matthews and Freeland, as well as whether we trade for more picks)

Here we go.

It has been 380ish days since the 2013 NBA Draft. The Blazers have traded Lamarcus Aldridge to the Cleveland Cavs. They offered Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, and the #1 for Kevin Love. I think we get the same deal. Maybe by getting the 24th from NY and throwing in Matthews and Freeland, or a second round pick we can get #19 as well. If we don't, we will have an extra empty roster spot and more cash under the cap as long as we can somehow dump Freeland and Matthews.

Our roster now looks something like this give or take.

2013 #1 Pick $4,636,600

2013 #10 Pick $2,017,500

2013 #19 Pick $1,333,200

Tristan Thompson $5,421,233

Dion Waiters $4,062,000

Damien Lillard $3,340,920

Meyers Leonard $2,317,920

Victor Claver $1,367,640

Will Barton $854,389

Nicolas Batum $11,390,500

2014 top 5 pick $4,500,000 ish

Empty Roster $507,336

Total Salary $41,749,238 ish

With a salary cap around $59,000,000, that leaves $17,250,762 for a free agent signing or 2.

We may not get the 19th, we may get the 24th from New York in trade for Papanikolaou, We would need to throw Matthews in there somewhere with Freeland to shed their salaries. This is a young youth movement #2 with tons of cash to sign a max deal, and we have a lot of moveable parts for future deals. If we can get T Rob, that would be a great addition. If we don't get Wiggins after sucking, we have some other good PF prospects in the top 5 of next years draft. Fill in the blanks for those draft picks. Noel? CJ? Franklin? Len? Zeller? Shabazz? Mitchell? Porter? Wiggins?

If we are not gonna be good next year and the year after, lets suck but play our young guys knowing we actually have the hope of building our team to an elite level as Lebron gets older.

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