Two Realistic Trade Ideas

Babbitt, Maynor, Pavlovich, Price, Freeland, Jeffries & Smith played a TOTAL OF 3,500 MINUTES LAST YEAR.

Granted, you will always have injuries and exploratory minutes for some guys, but the goal is to get this rotation thing pinned down, and I would hope that we are heading in that direction, so let's assume that 1000 of those minutes are fillers this season, for whatever reason. How so we replace those 2,500 minutes? In no particular order...

Gortat for #10, Freeland & $3M Cash...Offer 4yrs/$30M to Redick or Mayo (4th year is P/O)

Pros: Solid 3-Guard Rotation, Flexibility at center for next summer

Cons: Gortat has a low ceiling

I like the Gortat trade because we can keep the combined total minutes played by Lillard, Matthews, Batum, Aldridge, Leonard, Barton, and Claver pretty close to last year, give Gortat all 2300 of Hickson's minutes, and we can give every one of those 2500 extra minutes (about 30 mpg) to Redick or Mayo.

McGee for #10, Matthews, Freeland & $3M Cash...Offer 4yrs/$40M to Tyreke (4th year is P/O)

Pros: McGee has a higher ceiling than Gortat and we keep him for 3 years, Tyreke is an upgrade over Matthews

Cons: Still don't have our impact guard off the bench

We could trade Kostas Pap, and a second rounder for a mid-late first-rounder, and use that pick to draft our first guard off the bench, but I would use the MLE or Vet Min on a decent vet as insurance.

If we went the McGee route, we would be giving Tyreke all of Wesley's minutes, and those extra 2500 minutes discussed earlier would have to be divvied out to rookies or non-impactful NBA veterans. HOWEVER, we would have more short and long-term potential with McGee, and Tyreke's minutes would definitely be an upgrade over Wesley's. We could always give Batum spot minutes as the third guard, and give some additional minutes to Leonard to minimize the impact of losing Matthews, but as you can see there's a give and take.

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