LMA for #1? No thank you. Batum for #1? Perhaps.

First of all, lets look at why we would be trading Aldridge in the first place:

1. Olshey believes he is going to walk come summer of 2015, and wants to receive equal compensation now.

2. Blazers management is stricken with envy over a certain player in this years draft, and is willing to move mountains to acquire him.

If we look at everything N.O. has said, it all revolves around building around a core of LMA, Batum and Lillard, while trying to acquire a player that "moves the needle" and puts us in championship contention. If you remember at the end of the year, as written in the Oregonian, PA said to Olshey "just tell me we will be better next year." Olshey replied "don't worry, we will be." Any deal that revolves around sending LMA for a rookie does not make us better. PA is growing impatient. As keen as some of you are on a "complete rebuild", I do not believe Mr. Allen shares your sentiments. He wants to win now.

And even if he wanted to completely rebuild, trading for the number one pick in this years draft is not the route to take. An injured rookie center that is a good defender but lacks any sort of offense is not equal compensation for LMA.

As for the Cavs perspective, look at their core. Kyrie, Waiters, Thompson. Now look at our core: Lillard, Matthews Batum and Leonard. If LMA WAS considering leaving Portland in free agency, what about Clevelands cast of characters do you think would inspire him to stay there?

I think the only trade that makes sense for the number one pick is Batum/Leonard, while keeping #10. That way we can draft Oladipo at #1 (for those who thinks its reaching, sufficiently explain how drafting a broken center with potential is a better idea; see: Oden, Greg), and then we can swing ten for Gortat. With the resulting cap space from the loss of Batums contract, we can sign Tyreke, Carl Landry and Jermaine Oneil, and resign Maynor.

Lillard/ Maynor
Matthews/ Oladipo
Evans/ Claver
Aldridge / Landry
Gortat / Oneil

Look at that. If Oladipo turns out to be the ROY, we would have three former ROY's on our team (insert wild image of three Brandon Roys here), a multi-year all star, a decent center, and two very solid role players in Matthews and Landry. That lineup has potential to be a good playoff team this year. A lineup of Nerlens Noel, Batum, Lillard, Matthews and Tristan Thompson has the potential to possibly be a 25-30 win team. Does that assuage Paul Allen's desires for us to be better than we were in 2012-13?

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