i tried bowling for brevity but i settled for the blazers future

i wonder. i wonder if i wonder about the right double indemnity or double jeopardy (the only way LA & batum are still on the blazers "good fans" roster) and why people think LA is a REAL piece of the blazers core. do you all not remember LA looking all around after he missed a particular game winning shot - it was like seeing him back in grade school checking to see just how many people saw "it". im sorry to state the obvious but the blazers will never get to the 2nd round with LA as option #2 behind lillard. another prediction of mine is that the blazers wont even make the playoffs if all they do is add #10 or gortat or other little moves that basically say reTOOL. this blazers team needs a full rebuild but most likely will not commit itself to a full rebuild because it takes a certain amount of guts (guts the thunder/etc had/have). hopefully the blazers dont strike out (did i just mix metaphors from 2 competing/lazy games? well speaking of is keeping LA in the hopes that he will be the rock upon which a blazers team can "win")

i didnt particularly like Tropic Thunder but the blazers need to listen to robert downey jr when he told ben stiller thats its never wise to go "full retard" (especially for an oscar). well...its the exact opposite in the nba because its never wise to go 50% rebuild (especially for a title). the blazers need to go full retard by doing the "unthinkable" and trading the last remnant of a blazer era that is best left in the rearview mirror! (can i get an amen or a sabonis or at the very least...a freaking hot tub - i hate that commercial almost as much as batums inconsistency & dont even start with that "injury" word)

trade #1

trade LA/papa to the cavs for #1/#19/varejao

#1=len...#19 used in trade #2...varejao@PF

trade #2

trade batum/leonard/#19 to the wizards for #3/okafor



who do you want = LA or a committee of varejao & muscala (late 1st or early 2nd round) & freeland?

varejao "expires" after next season & freeland follows soon after. i think muscala will be the steal of the 2013 nba draft (along with nedovic & giannis). am i saying muscala will be an all star???!!! no-but i am saying i would be comfortable with his game until a suitable starter was found after the 2014 committee of 3 runs its course

who do you want = papa or claver?

its a toss up as far as im concerned but claver showed some real nice signs last year. so here i am hoping he will continue to progress and maintain his nice feel for the game. efficiency will be key and i think he will turn some heads once his shot starts falling...

who do you want = batum or giannis?

giannis has a better handle & court vision & mobility & etc. his shot will improve in time & again...ETC!!! its actually disgusting how good giannis will be in time...yeah-i said will! i could care less about the competition he played against last year. do the blazers have time for him to develop under a rebuild=yes!. will they need to rent a SF with their ample CAP space in order for giannis & claver to gain some traction in the nba=of course! but in time giannis/claver will be deadly. giannis over batum is a no Q about it. i actually want people de analytics to debate me on please???!!!

who do you want = leonard or len?

both can run the WHOLE floor. but len has better half court mobility/creativity/coordination on offense. len has a better defensive presence & feel for boards. len has a better shooting frame. len has the right kind of emotion on the floor (hooray! leonard dunked on andre miller?). the list goes on...but leonard is a nice piece. i wanted leonard @#11 last year. i liked his game but i didnt know how low his basketball FEEL was because his basketball IQ fooled me. i think leonard over thinks and it seems to be that len is a better instinctual player. plus okafor will be a nice backup for len & the best thing of all = he expires!!!

who do you want = wes or oladipo?

this is almost too much so ill pretend i answered this player can do more than just shoot! insert a general "belly laugh"!!!


2014 blazers - post FULL rebuild (not this bad reTOOL word)

PG - lillard...nedovic (2nd)

SG - oladipo (#3)...wes...barton

SF - ?...giannis (#10)...claver

PF - varejao...muscala (2nd)...freeland

C - len (#1)...okafor

future blazers

PG - lillard...nedovic

SG - oladipo...wes (only player on this roster id trade in a heartbeat)

SF - giannis...claver

PF - ?...muscala

C - len...muscala

2 trades! thats all i not greedy? i expect the blazers to do their job and be agressive because a rebuild doesnt happen every year. commit to a rebuild and let the results mature. lillard & oladipo & giannis & len is nothing to sneeze at...and its definitely not a strike out?...its a strike in my book!

and...oh yeah...about moving coach stotts out after this new blazers era matures and is ready for a title?! blazers are gonna need a FULLY competent coach because like i said via RDJ...its never good to go full retard!?

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