More Palatable LMA Trades

Well, regurgitated LaMarcus Aldridge trade speculation is in BE news, although "news" isn't really the right word. It's your standard Tristan Thompson and #1fare. Hate to break it to the Cavs and Bucher, but this is 2013, not 2012 or 2014. An unproven undersized forward and the #1 pick in a draft where teams are trying to trade the top picks are just not floating my boat when it comes to the idea of trading a TOP 15 player in the NBA.

While not necessarily a supporter of trading LMA (I badly want to lose the distinction of longest playoff series victory drought), I do enjoy trade speculation (or making fun of said speculation) as much as the next guy. So here are a few offers that I would answer the phone for that the other team would have reason to offer:

Aldridge, #45 and #41 to Cleveland for Thompson, #1, #31, #33, 2014 unprotected 1st rounder, and a 2015 1st from Memphis

If Cleveland wants Aldridge, they're going to have to hurt a little more. Between Aldridge, Irving and cast they probably make the playoffs in the sub-par Eastern Conference. But there is also the chance of an injury, leading to a higher pick. We get more assets (and cap-space), and move up in the 2nd round for our trouble.

Aldridge to Washington for Trevor Ariza, Kevin Seraphin, Chris Singleton, #3, #38, 2014 unprotected pick, 2016 protected pick

This would be a coup for Washington, landing a top player without giving up Wall, Beal, or Nene. Of course, I'd love to add Beal for our sake.

I wouldn't be super excited about this one, but it is better than the #1/Thompson package IMO.

Aldridge to Charlotte for Jeffery Taylor, #4, 2014 unprotected 1st, return of the rights to our 2014 protected pick (from Wallace trade)

The Bobcats have some pretty bare trade cupboards. I wouldn't think they should do this trade, but there is talk they want right-now impact players because they are tired of sucking.

For us, the big part of the trade would be the 2014 pick. They are one of a very limited number of teams that could acquire Aldridge for unproven assets and still suck. I also think it is a real pain in the butt to have to worry about conveying our pick each year.

Aldridge, #45 to Detroit for Charlie Villanueva, Andre Drummond, and a 2014 unprotected 1st

Detroit still has cap-space from trading Villanueva's ridiculous contract and the #8 to help put a team around Aldridge, Greg Monroe, and Brandon Knight.

We get a valuable COTF, and potential for a good pick if they screw up.

Aldrige to OKC for Serge Ibaka, Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones, #12, 2014 1st

The Thunder have missed one thing during the entire Durant-Westbrook era, and that is post scoring. With Aldridge, they'd have the scariest offensive team in the West by far, with decent defense.

Ibaka is no star, but if we can add one in 2014 alongside Lillard and co, he'd be a great complement. We get some smaller assets as well. The downside would be that it is the only one that doesn't give us a shot at a high pick.

(Note: For cap-purposes, these deals would technically have to be completed in July, with the rights to the picked players, rather than the picks themselves, traded)

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