My first fan post! cap space + musing on the best offseason moves

I just saw this and I wanted to address it.

If the salary cap for next season is approximately 58.5 million..

With Aldridge, Lillard, Batum, Matthews, Leonard, Claver, Freeland and Barton guaranteed for $42,394,245 in salary

Thats 8 players on deck for the 2013-14 season

It takes 13 for an active roster

$58,500,000-$42,394,245= $16,105,755

Rookie scale salary for the 10th pick during the 2013-14 season is $1,930,600

If Portland uses at least two of its 2nd round picks that would be a minimum of $980,360 in salary

The draft cuts into the cap space by -$2,910,960

The sum is $13,194,795 in cap space, a mini mid level worth 2.5 million and unlimited minimum contracts to work with taking into account to the 3 potential draftees. (assuming one pick is dealt for a future pick or sold for cash)

You could divide the 13 mil between two solid starter/string bench players like Mayo and Dalembert after drafting a Center like Adams or Dieng with the #10 pick. Then swoop another young point and a reserve PF in the 2nd round. Sign Jermaine to 10 year vet minimum of $1,399,507 to go over the cap then use the 2.5 mil exception to resign Maynor.






Nice Big man rotation at center with Dalembert, Adams and Leonard that would swing points in the paint in the Blazers favor for the season.

Mayo, Maynor and Barton as the bench unit could mesh well together as Maynor and Mayo would ball handle with Barton playing off ball scraping rebounds, getting put back dunks/alleyoops and cutting to the rim

Or, in another scenario you could throw the whole cap space at Josh Smith, draft C.J. McCollum at #10. Then sign Jermaine O'Neal to the 10 year vet minimum and sign Timofey Mozgov with the mini exception. Pick up Siva from Louisville as an emergency PG and Glen Rice Jr in the 2nd round.






Both Jermaine and Mozgov are centers that can play defense, rotate over and secure rebounds. Any offense from Mozgov is found gold, Jermaine can play some PF in limited minutes as well

The addition of Josh Smith gives the front court more scoring flexibility and depth of talent, especially if Batum, LMA or Matthews are banged up as I believe that Barton is capable of several spot starts. He demonstrated this ability towards the end of last season when he started the last 5 games and averaged 15 points, 6 boards in 37.6 mins shooting 44 percent from the field and 83 percent from the line. Plus those weren't against cupcake opponents either. Either he or McCollum could fill in the starting lineup if Wesley needed rest.

The Mid Major backcourt would likely make it rain anytime they weren't summoning fire

Siva could bring the pressure D when Lillard and McCollum are out of the game

Batum can slide over to the 3 for a smaller looking lineup of Lillard, Matthews, Batum, Smith, and LMA to close out games

Have Leonard be the sixth man, followed by Matthews then McCollum

At first glance your playing too many players out of position, however the players are more than capable of playing the positions because they've played them before and have even done so with a modicum of success.

I'm curious as to which direction ya'll would take between these 2.

I like Gortat but i feel like the 10 pick will deliver more bang for the buck than Gortat. A potential starter for 2 million as opposed to a comparable center on the free agent market for 7 million and you lose the pick. If Gortat plays well, which we hope he would, then he would be in line for a raise during the offseason. I feel like the Blazers should just use the pick. Ya better off using it to get cheaper talent.

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