Last Post Until Something Happens.

I have posted way too many "ideal trade/draft/free agency scenarios" in anticipation of what begins next week. Some have been in good fun, some have been desperate, and some have been outright trolling. As an exercise in discipline, or as a resolution to the fact that Ben Golliver probably has much less influence in getting GM's to listen to Trade Drawer scenarios than I think he does, I've decided to make this my Last Post Until Something Happens.

Here's what I'd like to happen:


1) Trade #10 and Freeland to PHX for Gortat.

2) Trade Papa's rights, pick #39, and pick #40 to Dallas for pick #13 and Shawn Marion.

3) Draft Gorgui Dieng (option 2: Dennis Schroeder) with the #13 pick.

4) Draft Trevor Mbakwe with the #45 pick.


1) Waive Pav.

2) Sign Martell Webster

3) Sign Eric Maynor (option 2: Cole Aldrich) with the room exception

3) Sign Jermaine O'Neil for the vet's minimum


Lillard, Maynor (or Schroeder)

Matthews, Webster, Barton

Batum, Marion, Claver

LMA, O'Neil, Mbakwe

Gortat, Dieng (or Aldrich), Leonard

I really debated the Dieng-and-Maynor vs Schroeder-and-Aldrich thing. I think Schroeder/Aldrich is more up my alley, but would make me less popular on this site. My thoughts for both options are the same: the PG probably won't get many minutes, and the center will have two mentors/safety nets in Gortat and O'Neil. I'd like to see what either Dieng or Aldrich would do with 18-20 minutes a game, and good mentoring; they are 23 and 24 (respectively), and I think both have the necessary maturity to learn well and contribute quickly.

This also gives us the option of using Batum as a starter-minutes supersub behind Wes and Marion. The best examples of good sixth men are the established stars that come off the bench behind good role players (Harden and Thabo, Manu and Green), and Marion is about the best defensive-SF role player one could hope for.

Lastly, both Marion's and Gortat's contracts expire this next season. That's a real chunk of change freed up, if we decide Dieng (or Aldrich) is our man, and Bird Rights if not.

Thanks for dropping by! Comments below, if you'd like.

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