GOOD Offseason Moves! *Check It Out*

A lot of people on here post what the Blazers should do this offseason to address the bench, center, and also trading players so I decided to come up with one of my own that I believe would address all of this!
First: Trades! - Involves POR, BOS, ORL, HOU!

PDX GETS: Aaron Brooks, Terrence Jones, Tobias Harris, Greg Smith, & Terrence Williams!

BOS GETS: Nic Batum, Thomas Robinson

ORL GETS: Jeff Green, Will Barton + Pick #10

HOU GETS: Glen Davis, Victor Claver + Blazers 3 2nd Rds.

PDX Verdict: Portland would do this because in Brooks we get a backup PG who cost the same as Maynor but he is also more proven and he played college ball at Oregon so im sure he wouldn't mind to come back! Also Terrence Jones is a SF/PF who can score, rebound, and play defense! He would probably be the 7th of 8th man. Terrence would like this because he is from Portland so it would be nice to reunite him here plus he is inexpensive but talented. Tobias Harris really came into his own when he got traded to Orlando and actually got a shot. Harris would fill the SF void that would be caused by Batum being traded. Also he is 10x cheaper than Batum and still young. Greg Smith is 6'11 250 lbs and 22 yrs old. This yr he averaged 16 mins with HOU while averaging 6 pts and 5 rbs. While also avg .6 blocks! Anyone who actually watched him play would agree he is a hell of a bargain for not even 800k a year! Smith could actually also fill our C void. He is a big body and plays good defense and can protect the rim. Terrence Williams is a SG/SF from Seattle who is versatile. Williams can score rebound and pass. Essentially Williams is lesser Batum who comes way cheaper.

BOS Verdict: I believe boston would do this because Paul Pierce is getting older and they would be getting Batum to take over for him. Essentially they re-signed Green to take over Pierces void when he leaves but he is more of a PF than a SF. Also Batum has more potential and plays better defense while also being younger. Boston would also receive Thomas Robinson in this deal! Receiving T-Rob would be huge for BOS even though they drafted Sullinger due to the fact nobody knows how effective Sullinger will be because of his back issues. Also T-Rob is better than Sullinger I don't think that's questionable!

ORL Verdict: Orlando receiving Green would be huge for their organization. With green barely signing a new contract he would be around for a while and could arguably be the new face of the organization. Also he is more proven than Tobias Harris so its a step up. Also he is versatile and can play the 3 and 4. Will Barton would be a nice piece for the Magic because he looked better than their backup 2's last year by a long shot! Super athletic and can score while grab boards. A bit raw but he will be good. Also they will receive the 10th pick from Portland to grab some more talent in the draft! I believe they would be ALL in for this.

HOU Verdict: No arguing this.. Big Baby is a upgrade over everything they give up. Although it wouldn't clear up cap space for them to sign Dwight it would still be good for them because Glen is certainly capable of playing the PF and Asik at C would be a beast front court that is BIG! Plus they would get our 3 2nd round picks so if they REALLY wanted to get Dwight they could move the picks and Big baby to clear space.


If this were to happen Portland would clear up more cap space. Blazers in FA could sign Chris Copeland for fairly cheap and Jermaine O'Neal for cheap to! Portlands roster could look like...

PG: Damian Lillard/Aaron Brooks/Eric Maynor
SG: Terrence Williams/Wes Matthews/Elliot Williams
SF: Tobias Harris/Chris Copeland/Terrence Jones
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge/Terrence Jones/Jermaine O'Neal/Copeland?(Stretch 4)
C: Greg Smith/Meyers Leonard/ Jermaine O'Neal
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