2014 and secrets!

minus the secrets but plus the liter of cola or whatever other product the blazers advertise on the ROSE GARDEN court!!! well there actually is a name at the bottom of this post that could be absorbed into the blood & experienced as nothing less than a special moment in your lives. i dont know if that qualifies as a secret though because his name should be common knowledge...just like my "plan" (thats just the beginning of the 'TUDE)

before you read lets just take a moment and reflect on everything sabonis...ok continue...


lillard...maynor (expire)...nolan (expire)

wes...barton...elliot (expire)

batum...claver...pavlovic (expire)

la...freeland...babbitt (expire)

hickson (expire)...leonard...jeffries (expire)


lillard...nedovic (2nd rnd)

kcp (#10)...wes...barton

batum...claver...papa (import)

la...muscala (2nd rnd)...freeland

jefferson (sign)...leonard

*jefferson - gortat=no...mcgee=NOPE!...(SF/PF but still) j smoove=eh eh!!!...the list goes on. jefferson is not the ideal center but he will have to do (logical choice for many reasons that will be explained if other fans deem jefferson@C on the blazers to be nothing less than absurd) & i dont believe leonard is far from a mental break through. BUT if leonard makes no progress during 2014 then ship him out because he at best broke even during 2013. he sounded intelligent during the 2012 draft interviews but his court presence during the ENTIRE year was abysmal...embarassing at times (against gortat especially...yeah thats still a no)

*muscala (2nd rnd or trade up/buy late first rounder with that old trusty darius miles technique) - watch video of this combo post and if you dont see a logical backup big then there is literally nothing i can say to prove this point (i agree with doug collins = #s only get you so the unemployment line)

*papa - my brother and i are split on claver/papa so i would throw both into a war with each player receiving a solid month of playing time (or as stotts calls it...normal rotations) in order to find out who will back up batum. trade the victors "financially challenged man" clone

*kcp - im fond of mcw but he is more livingston and less pippen so i dont think he will ever mature into a capable SG. he will be a luxury at the PG position on a team like the mavs/jazz. if mcw could be a legitimate SG for half a game then i would want the blazers to select him because the blazers need a second ball handler (do NOT say wes/batum/etc are capable of this role because...well...go right ahead because i havent had my laugh for the day). kcp is an elite defender & can rebound with some toughness (bye babbitt) & has incredible open court speed (bye wes...soon) & an above average shooter & a handle no worse than batums so he isnt a complete liability (can get to the rim better than wes but thats not saying much) & the list goes on but it mostly contains a lot of "STUFF" that describes a player i like in this particular draft AND thats it (i would much rather buy tyreke out of the kings because he has some creativity in the half court that i doubt kcp will ever master)...but this aint a perfect world. mccollum cant guard a chair & oladipo cant be reached in this weak draft & qyntel muhammad woods would be nice but the blazers should try to avoid drafting bizarro wes (some speed would be nice because batum is not fast but rather busy being smooth or slimy by having either his agent or teammates fight his battles - if batum has another inconsistent season in 2014 then trade him immediately plus la with the hope of landing an elite SF in the 2014 draft...oh yeah-iggy is also a NO!)

*nedovic - watch tape and if you dont see combo guard talent then we will never see eye to eye on this thing called basketball...the reason youre reading this garbage. but thats the point because nedovics game is filthy and he needs to dump all maynor from "our" blazer memory. maynor is not the answer...maynor is not the death we all get a death we all get a name (repeat this as many times as is needed so that you may find yourself a happier fan...a fan of nedovic). he has style and this style basically equates to fun. basketball should be fun and it should be creative enough to inspire progress. the blazer bench was terrible last year partly because no one could handle the daunting role of leading zero talent into battle. my "plan" gives the blazer bench some talent and most importantly a player like nedovic who could make games worth watching ALL the way through (however i doubt ill turn the volume up EVAH again because mike & mike appear to be here to stay - i want to "group" mike&mike apologists so please respond with "dont trust me" in the comment title if you find yourself agreeing with the relevancy of their dietary discussions mid play/the last 5 minutes of every third away game. and only respond if you are compelled to comment about basketball or michael hurley who has multiple shows coming up in portland...youre welcome!!!)

oh how i wish the blazers coaching search took place this summer...but like i said above = this aint a perfect world

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