Buy an additional pick and fix the team cheaply (Updated)

Dallas is looking to sell its pick (13) to create cap space and we are looking for cheap talent. Perhaps someone lower is willing to sell instead. Either way, we need NBA ready guys. Guys that can come in and look more like Dame than Barton. These are them.

1- CJ McCollum. We need a backup PG and optional ball handler when needed. CJ is a 4 year guy and really solid. He isn't super explosive but has a great and creative scoring game. Great 6th man.

2- Glen Rice Jr. I honestly think this guy can be this years Damian Lillard. He has already operated at the NBA level and dominated the D League Playoffs. Shoots beyond the NBA 3pt line (beautiful, not the line drive) at 39%, gets steals, blocks and 10 boards a game while scoring 25pts a game. 6-6 NBA ready body with 40+ vertical and speed. Beautiful shot off the dribble and spot up like his old man. Finally got his shot in the D-League playoffs and went HAM on them to win the finals (Averaging 30pts and 10 boards). Screams NBA ready. Think Clay Thompson. I would start him over Wes and let him grow further.

The beauty of this is that it really solves some significant issues for us while at the same time allows us to shed cap space (Maynor is gone maybe?) and fix some depth issues without the HUGE paycheck of a handicapped guy like Tyreke Evans.

1- Dame/CJ

2- Rice/Wes (some will say to start Wes instead...fine but I strongly disagree)

3- Batum/Claver

4- LMA/Mbakwe?

5- ??/Meyers/Oneal

Now we have some big question marks still but we now have cap space. We can pick up a big time FA center without worrying about our depth. Yes we will be young and slightly dumb but I don't think anyone out there honestly doesn't think CJ can't be an awesome backup PG.

Rice is good. Real good and is the surest thing out there to an NBA ready player as he has already shown the ability to play NBA style ball and shoot the NBA 3 all the while having an NBA body and NBA father. No more Austin Rivers or Nolan Smith garbage question marks and how they will transition...we know this kid can already do it and do it as the #1 option while playing NBA minutes on an NBA court. No injury. He has shown maturity and handled the rough D-League stuff well until he got his chance.

Someone can do the Salary math as I don't have time but I think we have enough room to keep these guys on. I think the roster above dominates. Imagine...Dame is going to be even better next year. Going to be silly if Rice Jr works out, which I think he is a safer bet too.

BTW: Look at Danny Green's D-League Stats vs Glen Rice Jr's: Yeah Glen is that good and didn't even play much of the year only to peak furiously in the playoffs and win it for them. EFF of 27 in the playoffs!!!


Rice Jr

UPDATED: Clearly I'm far from any good at GMing in regards to centers and anything to do with JJ. Fill in the rest.

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