Trade Batum or Matthews

If you really believe that the core of LIllard and Aldridge has a chance to compete for a title we need to trade either Batum or Matthews. They bring the same thing to the team which is defense and the 3 ball. And they lack the same thing which is ball-handling and slashing to the rim.

Successful teams have elite players with a variety of talents Therefore if we flip Matthews or Batum for a player that slashes and handles the ball pretty well we should have a very well rounded team. N

Now, Batum is obviously a better player, younger and with much more potential but at the same time he costs 10.9 mil compared to Matthews price tag of 6.5 mil. So when accounting for their price tags, both players have roughly the same value to our team (assuming that Batum doesn't become a lebron/durant lite).

So if we trade Batum....I want high potential draft picks that have a decent chance of become as good or better than Batum.

Those are Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett and any sf in the top 10 next year. If we can flip Batum for one of these high potential players we get an incredible talent on a much cheaper price tag, giving us the cap space to go after a ball handling shooting guard (Tyreke Evans) a decent center (Asik/Gortat) and still have money for the bench (Brewer,oneal maynor)

If we trade Matthews... I want to get Oladipo so if Charlotte or Phoenix is interested in Matthews + #10 for Oladipo I would do it. We get a player that with more potential and save cap space for free agents.

Heres my supposedly perfect trade

We trade Batum and his ridiculous contract to Washington for their #3 so that we can draft Otto Porter. Washington would do this because they are missing a good sf and Batum would compliment John Wall and Bradely Beal really well with his age, potential and talent. We risk losing our third best player for a guy with potential, but its the nba so we need to take risks to ever be relevant.

after trading batum and recieveing the #3 we draft Otto Porter and plug him as our starting small forward. From what I've heard he is the most nba ready rookie right now similar to Lillard last year.

This trade gives us 19 mil in capspace (11.5 mil + Batums salary (10.9) - last year's #3 pick salary (3.4) = 19 mil cap space.

We Then outbid everyone for Evans (who is the slashing, ball handling, good defense guard that we need) which I think would cost us around 11 mil leaving us with 8 mil of cap space.

We trade our #10, Freeland, Cash and a second rounder (#45) for Gortat leaving us with

8mil + 3 mil (Freelands salary) - 7.7 mil (Gortats salary) = 3.3 mil in capspace

We then grab Brewer in free agency to add insurance to our Small forward slot, grab O'neal for the minimum and Maynor for the Biannual Exception. This gives us a line up of:




pf:LMA/Oneal/second rounder (Mbakwe)

C:Gortat/Leonard/second rounder (Muscala)

What do you think?

oh and If we can get Asik I'd rather go after him than Gortat

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