6-1-13 Trade Drawer Junction

Well I was just scanning the web and came across a couple names that havent been bounced around too hard on Bedge lately, Andrea Bargnani, Thomas Robinson and the Mavs 13th pick. Im curious what everyone thinks.

Lets start with Bargnani.

Reports out of Toronto indicate that PF/C Bargnani will be traded by July 1st.

Marc Stein: First order of biz for new Raps GM Masai Ujiri: Word is he'll shop Andrea Bargnani everywhere he can in hopes of moving him before July 1 Twitter @ESPNSteinLine
Tim Chisholm: If #raptors can move Bragnani on draft night it will be better for the franchise than having a pick in this draft. Twitter @timpchisholm
Eric Koreen: The only way the Raptors should use the amnesty on Kleiza is if they can move Bargnani for, well, anything non-poisonous. Twitter @ekoreen

Masai Ujiri will aggressively attempt to trade Andrea Bargnani before July 1 as his top priority now that he is general manager of the Toronto Raptors.

Bargnani is owed $10,750,000 in 13-14 and $11,500,000 in 14-15. Bargnani also has a five percent trade kicker.

The Raptors can use their amnesty on Bargnani during the second week of July if they are unable to trade him.

Marc Stein-

So do we want to pursue Bargnani? How would he fit next to LMA? Should we pass? What are your reasons for pursuing or passing?

So how about Thomas Robinson? Word around the campfire is the Rockets are trying to get rid of him to make more room for Dwight Howard.

according to a report from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Houston Rockets are determined to trade forward Thomas Robinson – the fifth pick in the 2012 NBA draft – to create salary-cap space for the pursuit of Los Angeles Lakers' free-agent superstar Dwight Howard, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Rockets have made clear to multiple rival teams that they plan to accept the best offer to move Robinson and eliminate his $3.52 million salary for the 2013-14 season.

Without Robinson's salary, the Rockets will have the space to offer Howard a maximum deal starting at approximately $20.5 million a season.

So, is Thomas Robinson our guy? Should we try to make a trade with Houston and pry Robinson away from them? He could be a great cheap backup to LMA. What are you reasons for passing or pursuing Robinson?

So the Mavericks have the 13th pick in this years draft. Reports indicate that Dallas wants to trade their pick away.

The Dallas Mavericks are hoping to trade the 13th overall pick in order to clear additional cap space to pursue Dwight Howard, according to sources.

The 13th overall pick has a cap hold of $1,655,300.

The Mavericks' future first rounder was traded to the Lakers in the Lamar Odom deal and is top-20 protected through 2017.

Via Chad Ford/ESPN

Mark Cuban admitted on Saturday that the Dallas Mavericks could end up trading or stashing their 13th overall pick in this year's NBA draft.

To prevent the player's $1.66 million against the salary cap, the Mavericks might draft a player "to stash overseas somewhere," Cuban said.

"If you look at this like a two-year plan, then we think we're on track to have a great team by the end of next year," Cuban said.

So, the 13th pick. Could this be something the Blazers are interested in? What would it take to pry this pick away from Dallas? Having both the 10 and 13 picks could give us massive trade leverage by packaging the 2 picks together to make a huge splash.

Okay thats my trade drawer. Barganani, Robinson and the 13th pick. All are available, but would they fit here and help us or would they be a hinderance? Should we pursue or pass? What do you all think?

Also any trade suggestions anyone might have besides the ones I posted above, post them here, im curious to see what everyone comes up with.


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