Another way of going about this summer.

So everyone thought about FA centers, then turned their heads to centers under contract. Since we've looked at FA shooting guards, I thought I'd look at Plan B, a SG under contract that could help this team, although I might get some strange looks.

Marcus Thornton

Why Marcus Thornton, I hear you ask?

Think about it from Sacramento's perspective. They just got new ownership, have Tyreke Evans as a restricted free agent they want to resign, plus have DeMarcus Cousins who they will want to sign to a 4-year extension else he will also become a RFA. Getting rid of Thornton makes all the more sense when looking at his contract - let's just say isn't exactly playing on a bargain deal (owed $16.6 million over the next 2 years). This would clear up space for the new owners to throw their money at players.

There are reasons from our perspective too. I think Thornton would fit in well as a 6th man with us. From within 8ft of the hoop last season he shot 62%, and scored more on less shots than Wesley (55%). On top of this his turnovers were only 0.9/game to Wes' 1.6/game. He would be an instant offense in a team desperate for it. (Also - surprising considering his D is worse than Matthews' - his PER is 16.32 compared to 14.10)

My Trade

Marcus Thornton, #7 pick, 2014 2nd round pick, for

Joel Freeland, Will Barton, #10 pick.

I won't go into the details of the move but basically it gives enough money to at least go after a Gortat and the like.

The Strengths of Marcus Thornton:

  • Goes inside more, and turns it over less.
    - Within 16ft shoots 1.4 more shots than Wesley per 36 mins.
  • Proven great late-game player.
    - If down by 2 or less could replace Wes in clutch situations. Plus shoots FTs at 88%
  • Can start or come off the bence.
    - If Wesley has similar injuries to this year (knock on wood), he could fill in, has experience doing both.
  • Has a good contract end-point.
    End of 2014-15 season, same time as Wes, LA.
  • Young. Good background and character
    - 26yo in a few days, but played all 4 years of college and went to LSU for close distance to family.
  • Has played as a point in the past.
    - Has better handles than Matthews and Batum.

The Weaknesses of Marcus Thornton:

  • Draws fouls at a disappointing rate, considering inside game
    - 2.6 FTs per 36, to Wesley's 2.8.
  • Doesn't provide much except scoring.
    - Similar rebound and assist numbers to Wes.
  • Big contract compared to production... (at Sacramento)
    - Hasn't been able to live up to billing, since massive contract year in 2010-11.
  • Lack of commitment to defense.
    - Gambles too much, has the quickness to be able to good though.
  • Lack of height for position.
    - 2" shorter than average NBA size, good weight and average wingspan.

Although this may not be the A-level signing we were hoping for it would pretty much fill out our wing positions; Matthews (Thornton), Batum (Claver), all signed through the next 2 seasons.
This is just an example of a lopsided trade for a bad contract we could do. There are many players at both the SG and C position and an exciting summer awaits, whether we get our way or have to improvise a plan.

tl;dr - I had homework so procrastinated by doing lots of research on something that will almost certainly not happen, then analysed that fantastical proposition.

Big-Man, out.

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