Moving Past First Round; Realistic Offseason Thinking

This is my first post and I thank anyone who takes the time to read it. Just let me know what you think if you want, good or bad. I'll respect your opinion if you respect mine.

Let's get real, the chances of us getting Dwight are slim and most teams want to hold on to their All-star caliber centers. Without the appeal of a big market it makes it even harder. However the allure of future All-star Damian Lillard and bonafide All-star LMA, coupled with the best fan base in the league is definitely enough to get good talent. Now I know we shouldn't be picky but I think our best position to go for first is SG, because we know Batum will not be happy unless he's at SF. I know there are skeptics, but I believe Batum is the talent we are paying for and shouldn't be traded unless an outrageous trade offer is made for him. Now in order of preference I say we go for Tyreke Evans[RFA], OJ MAYO[PO], Monta Ellis[PO], JJ Redick[UFA], Tony Allen[UFA]. With Sacramento's uncertainly and Portland much closer to being a playoff team and being able to offer him more than SAC I think there is a good chance we could get him. I think his style of play would be great for our team and he's still young. The other four could work as well in different ways I'm not going to get into, but with two of them having player options and two being more of a solid asset than core pieces our best shot is at Evans.

Next I'm really strong on the idea of watching and waiting to see where Dwight goes and trying to get the center they most likely will dump for cap space. If he doesn't go anywhere then try for a trade offering a team our 10 pick and another expendable player/capspace for a center. In order of preference I say we go for Omer Asik, Nikola Pekovic[RFA], Samuel Dalembert[UFA], DeAndre Jordan, Jermaine O'neal[UFA]. Now I think there is a really high chance of us getting O'neal based on what he said, so grab him no matter what. Then if we can't get Asik or Peky then I don't see why we couldn't snag Dalembert, or maybe try for Jordan, which when added with Meyers and Jermaine would be able to get us through a full game/season pretty soundly at the center position. Not to mention adding fantastic defensive mentors for Meyers.

Then resign Maynor, and E-Wills then sign a cheap backup PF, dealers choice. A few FA's to consider could be DeJuan Blair[UFA], Andray Blatche[UFA], or my personal favorite Brandan Wright[UFA]. I am an advocate of keeping Wes and making him our 3-point bomber/defensive 6th man, but if there is a scenario where we have to get rid of someone and are able to get other talent that makes us better as a team sadly I would say Wes would have to take the bullet. In my best case scenario this now leaves us with a lineup as follows, assuming we cut/trade everyone who is not named;






Depending on salary issues maybe we keep Babbitt or Claver or sign another bench guy that makes sense, but who really knows at this point. I'm also a livid fan of keeping Elliot Williams, that kid will be something special if his body will ever let him. Oh and I definitely started calling Will Barton ''Bartdawg'' before anyone :)

By the way I have this team in 2K13 and playing with it is scary.

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