Dwight Howard - A serious look at our chances.

Please actually read entire post before commenting...

I know this question has been brought up on Blazer's Edge a bunch already, but even after reading the articles and the comments that follow, I felt there was something everyone missed about what it would take to get a player like Dwight up for playing in Portland. His ego. We can all agree that Dwight has a huge ego whether he will admit it publicly or not is besides the point. The fact is, the guy does what ever will make him happy and popular, and hopefully it brings him a championship in the process. So, if we want to get a player like D-12 to the Blazers, let's look at what D-12 has shown he wants, and maybe even what he has said he wants, as well as what he has proven he wants, in order to come play for a team.

- Dwight has said he wants to go to a team that can contend for a championship with in a couple years of him arriving

- Dwight has said, he enjoyed the smaller city atmosphere in Orlando, and kind of liked being the big fish in a little pond.

- Dwight has been put under intense scrutiny/pressure while playing for the high stakes Lakers and proven it wasn't for him.

- Dwight wants an all star salary.

-Dwight has problems playing with Kobe, regardless of there best buddies charade for the press, it is obvious/proven he has a hard time with Kobe.

- I believe his endorsement deals with Adidas have also played a part in where he chooses to go

Now picture The Blazers organization sending a brilliant salesman type to pitch an offer to D-12 to come to Portland armed with this knowledge, and here is what could come out of it.

- Dwight with you in the line up and Lillard as well as All Star LMA, we would now have a trio of power that immediately could make the Blazers a threat in the post season. Maybe not championship contenders right away, but an incredible foundation to start off with, and within a couple of years, become definite contenders.

- You would be the big man on campus again. This city lives and dies by the Blazers, and it's fan base would become your entire entourage as you would be looked at as the next big face of the team, and all star of the city. Play to his ego.

- In Los Angeles or even Jersey or New York, you will be expected to deliver a championship immediately, where as in Portland, we are well into the process of a serious rebuild, and you could get back to playing ball for the right reasons. To win, get better, and have fun doing it. You get a chance to be a leader with LMA and mentor younger guys, while developing yourself, and take time to become the beast you know you are.

- Dwight, Portland is one of the few teams with a lot of cap space left and room to offer a very competitive salary. While it may not be as much as the Lakers can offer, just look at the previous reasons for coming here, and hopefully you can see where coming here could pay off much more in the long run.

- Dwight there is no shadow of Kobe, or 17 banners to live up to, or the pressures of the big city and everything. Here you can get back to being you. The guy who enjoys playing ball, can be serious on the court and ball up when he needs to, and at the same time keep your fun media friendly ways while not being scrutinized for it, and having people say you are soft and no killer instinct. Portland seems to be a bit more of a people person town, and I think they would love you there.

- As far as your endorsement deals go Dwight, guess where Adidas' home office is located? Portland Oregon. Oh and guess what other future All Star is sponsored by them? That's right, D-Lillard. Pitch it to Adidas that they will have the Dynamic Duo on one team to promote their athletic brand, right in their own back yard, and right in the heart of their biggest rivals home turf (Nike). Pretty sure Adidas might even throw in something to get you here at that point.

This type of pitch, directed right at where it hits home the most for Dwight, would be just the thing needed to get D-12 to perk his ears up and start wondering about going to a smaller market like Portland again.

I am realistic, and understand that this is a long shot, but I hate to hear people say it is an absolute impossibility, or Dwight doesn't ever want to go to a small market like Portland. How does anybody really know that? I worked in sales for a while and one thing I learned was, if you are a good salesman, or good showman, you can convince a person they need a blanket in 90 degree weather. Hopefully Portland has some good pitch men to send Howard's way when his free agency comes up, because really this is one of the key pieces the Blazers need, and the potential to grab a player with as much impact on the game as D-12, should be a no brainer. He is one of the elite players in this league when healthy and can potentially change a teams play offs chances alone.

This is just my opinion, and I know people will want to tear in to it, so please have at it in the comments, but also, please try to stick to the points I have made, and if you think they wouldn't work, or there is a counter I haven't thought of, I would love to hear it. Oh, and please keep it respectful. Everyone has an opinion and different level of NBA knowledge. Thanks for reading.


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