NBA 2K13 inspired take on how to rebuild the Blazers in the offseason

To begin I started a new association & downloaded the projected 2013 draft class. I simmed through the playoffs, shut off injuries and trades so the rosters would be consistent with the end of season changes. I also turned on trade override so I could trade picks around before the lottery to be consistent with the lottery order. I didn't bother fixing the playoff teams picks as i didn't believe it would make a significant difference.I don't know how they managed it but somehow the Mavericks won it all, the Heat lost to the Bulls (with a healthy D Rose) in the ECF.

The Draft Lottery
The Trailblazers have a 1.1% chance of getting the number 1 pick going into the lottery. They don't move up and the top ten go
#1 New Orleans
#2 Orlando
#3 Charlotte
#4 Cleveland
#5 Sacramento
#6 Phoenix
#7 Detroit
#8 Washington
#9 Minnesota
#10 Portland

Player Options
I did not pick up the options on Elliot Williams, Nolan Smith and Sasha Pavlovic.

Qualifying Offers
I did not extend a QO to Luke Babbitt or Eric Maynor.

Draft Time!
The Blazers have the 10th pick in the 1st round and the draft goes:
#1 New Orleans-Nerlens Noel
#2 Orlando-Jeff Withey
#3 Charlotte-Trey Burke
#4 Cleveland-Michael Carter-Williams
#5 Sacramento-Shane Larkin
#6 Phoenix-Ben McLemore
#7 Detroit-Myck Kabongo
#8 Washington-Lorenzo Brown
#9 Minnesota-Rudy Gobert

I love his game and if he is still available at 10 I think the Blazers have to grab him. The draft didn't fall very realistically for how the draft is slated right now but who knows what it will look like after combines and predraft workouts anyways.

With the 10th pick in the second round I select Alex Oriakhi From Missouri.He feels a need at PF with JJ Hickson leaving in FA.

Free Agency
I had to adjust a few of the Trailblazers salaries to fit with Storytellers contracts, they had a few guys too low like Joel Freeland at 1 million instead of 3 million. Once I fixed them the Blazers have 15.22 million in cap space.
The lineup right now is
PG Lillard
SG Matthews, Oladipo, Barton
SF Batum, Claver
PF Aldridge, Freeland, Oriakhi
C Leonard

The first guy I go to is Dwight Howard, he is interested if I can give him the max but I'm a couple million short. Same goes for most of the premier FAs in this class, my best options come down to:
Andre Iguodala
Nikola Pekovic
JR Smith
Patrick Beverley
Nate Robinson
Brandan Wright
Tony Allen

I am tempted to make a play for Iguodala but with Oladipo in the fold I feel pretty confident in my SG rotation. I decide to make a play for Pekovic and Beverley to fill the holes in the rotation. I offer Pekovic a 4 year contract set for 10m/year. Beverley offered a 4 year deal starting at 5/year. Pek agrees immediately to the deal, the T Wolves don't match and he is a Trailblazer! The next day Beverley agrees as well. With them signed and our cap space used up I just have to decide how to use the mini MLE. I offer a two year deal to Elton Brand for 2.5 m/year, he agrees.
PG Lillard, Beverley
SG Matthews, Oladipo, Barton
SF Batum, Claver
PF Aldridge, Brand, Freeland, Oriakhi
C Pekovic, Leonard

There are some amall reaches to get to this point but I don't think this is a terribly unrealistic possible roster for next season. I feel like this lineup could also begin to compete for a top 4 seed in the playoffs immediately. It fills our holes for the next several seasons without compromising on character either.

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