Oladipo, Gortat and Evans

Its another boring evening so I'll go ahead and describe to you my dream offseason for the blazers and how it will go down.The main acquisitions here are Oladipo, Gortat and Evans. We need to make a splash in draft, trade and free agency THIS summer if we want to see the core of Aldridge and Lillard compete for a title.

Here's why these players are game changers:

Oladipo: As he is projected, he is Matthews 2.0 with much better athleticism. If we get Oladipo and all we give up is Matthews we add valuable cap space, get a more than capable back up sg and have a real reason to hope that Oladipo becomes better than Matthews

Evans: What was the biggest problem all season long besides the lack of a center? It was the number of ball handlers that we had. Before the trade deadline when we got Maynor Lillard was the ONLY one player that could handle and bring up the ball. That is ridiculous. Once teams learned that, they began trapping Lillard and that ultimately killed any offense that we had. Evans brings the potential to be our #3 behind Lillard and Aldrige, he brings ball-handling, slashing to the rim, adequate to good defense and lot of room for growth. Basically what Evans has the blazers lack and therefore it's a perfect fit

Gortat: Gortat is not the best center out there. He is getting old and his production is shrinking.....but all we really need is decent defense and rebounding and Gortat can do just that. Gortat is also cheap compared to other centers, has a decent offensive game and can hold the starting spot until Leonard learns the ropes. Another good thing about Gortat is that he is good at pnr that he perfected with Nash. Seeing as pnr is all we run Gortat will be a great fit.

Imagine this offense

Lillard can pnr with Gortat

Lillard can pnp with Aldridge

Lillard can pass to a cutting Evans

Lillard can pass to a threepoint shooting Batum

Or lillard can do whatever he wants himself cause he's that good!


Anyways to make this trade work we have the following: 11.6 mil in cap space, #10, #39, #40, #45 and the rights to Kostas Pinokoalia (not sure here)

Step #1 First we conduct a three team trade

Pheonix gets Matthews, #10 (portland) Leonard and Freeland

Portland gets #5 (Pheonix) , #13 (dallas) and Gortat

Dallas gets #30 (pheonix), #39 (portland), #40 (portland) and #45 (portland) + rights to Kosta pinokoala

Pheonix does this because they get a quality sg AND the #10 pick for a potentially good shooitng guard in Oladipo. Plus pheonix trades in an expiring contract for a young athletic center

Portland does this because they unload Freeland and Matthews get #5 for a sg and #13 for center and a starting center in Gortat

Dallas does this because they are reportedly want to trade away there pick to gain capspace. Therefore, 4 late picks and the rights to a player may be the best they can do

This leaves us with

11.5 mil + 2 mil (#10 pick) + 3 mil (Freeland) + 6.5 mil (Matthews) + 2.1 mil (leonard) - 3.4 mil (#5 pick) - 1.9 mil (#13 pick) - 7.7 mil (Gortat) = 12.1 mil left under the cap

step #2 We draft Oldipo at #5 and Adams at #13. Sorry if you disagree but I believe Adams has more potential than Leonard does.

step #3 Pay 12.1 mil for Evans. That should be enough to grab him from Sacremento

step #4 Grab Oneal, Babbitt and E will for the minimum and Maynor for the biannual exception

That gives us a line up of



sf:Batum/Claver/some FA


C:Gortat/Adams/some FA

This is the ultimate win now line up with a starting five that should be able to compete with anyone. A second unit that is miles better than the one we had this year and a third unit with potential in Elliot Williams and Barton. The only thing bothering me is the lack of scoring in the second unit.

What do you think? realistic? Would you do this? Let me know!

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