How aggressive can we expect Neil Olshey to be this summer? Assets, quotes and poll!

Our Assests include:

PG: Damian Lillard / - - -

SG: Wesley Mathews / Will Barton

SF: Nicolas Batum / Victor Claver / Sasha Pavlovic

PF: Lamacus / Joel Freeland

C: Meyers Leonard / - - -

We own the #10 pick in the first round, three picks in the second round: #39 #40 and #45

We own the rights to: Kostas Papanikolaou, Marcelo Nicola, Federico Kammerichs, Doron Sheffer, Nedzad Sinanovic.

We also have a 2.5 million room exception

Eric Maynor (PG) is a restricted agent with a qualifying offer/cap hold of $5.8 million and if I am not mistaken, we cannot trade him right away if we decide to resign him or extend his qualifying offer. J.J. Hickson (PF) also has a cap of $7.6 million and Sasha (G/F) has a team option of $1.4 million

Before we we waive anyone, we have roughly $44.6 million in committed salaries. However, if we waive/release these players we have $39.6 million in committed salaries. Assuming there is a $60 million cap hold we would have $21 million for the off season - this is all according to hoopshype, hoopsworld and Amin Elhassan from the recent insider article he published today of "A Draft Guide to the Blazers"

Assuming Damian Lillard and Lamarcus are about as close to untouchable on our team - unless the right trade comes about, we can safely assume they will not be dealt this summer. Batum is a little tricker, as he is widely regarded as part of our core and it's hard to find a starting SF. He is the next least likely player to be trade from our starting 5. After that it is Wesley Mathews, who has an extremely cap friendly contract - It's hard to find starting caliber 3D guys with a reasonable contracts like Wes. We can expect for his name to pop up often this summer I feel like. While he is the vocal leader and a cult hero, we cannot deny that his name will pop up and he may be traded. However after that, most of our players our fair game to be traded unless Neil feels certain in someone's future potential and can help this team quickly.

We also have quotes from Neil Olshey alluding to this summer, he states,

"Obviously, that is a hole we need to shore up. We’ve got to get our interior defense better"

Analysis: Thank you for stating the obvious Neil. If you can't find The Blazers even a stop-gate center, your competence and plan will come into question this summer.

"if the best player we can get is somebody we can get via draft, we’re going to draft. If the best player we can get is by moving that pick, using our cap room or other assets that we have to acquire the better player, we are going to accelerate this and get the best team on the floor possible.

Analysis: The draft is not the best this year guys as we all know. Unless his plan is to look past the Lamarcus era or he couldn't find a willing trading partner for what he was asking. I feel that we can expect for our pick to be traded. Whether it's to move up in the draft, or to trade for a player/asset, I do not know. Assets, assets, assets

"I think this is our first foray into this, seeing just how vulnerable teams are...We saw a little bit of it at the trade deadline ... and this will be the first true cycle where teams are beginning to live with the reality of a progressive tax"

Analysis: Teams are weak! Show no weakness N.O! Expect for N.O. to use his feelers! Especially around teams who are over the cap and looking to dump salaries for very little back. Gaining assets in this way, to add to our trade or to later trade this summer or until next season's trade dead line. Perhaps further. We can also expect N.O. to participate in many lopsided 3 teams trades, so I hope. Again, acquiring assets.

"We are going to be aggressive to construct a deal to make the team better on draft night,"

Analysis: Pay attention come draft night guys if you believe N.O. to be a man of his word! This might be the most important night for the summer. It will quickly lead informing fans what N.O. has planned for the summer/future.

"If there is a player under contract that we can absorb into our room on a team that values a draft pick more than the established player, or they are moving in a different direction and it moves us forward faster, it's clearly what we are going to do...Now, you don't want to do a deal just to get out of free agency, but if it's the right deal, you do it as soon as possible."

Analysis: You can expect Neil to pull the trigger but only if we are on the right side of trade where we get more value or flexibility in a trade than what we are giving

"You have to find the unique guy that understands basketball is a priority in his life, a player who wants to go someplace where he can focus on basketball"

Analysis: We are looking for guys who fit our basketball culture here. Guys like Damian and Wesley, who's main focus is basketball.

"We’re going to be incredibly aggressive over the next two months building the roster"

Analysis: You better be, or the criticism will be harsh from Blazer fans.

You promised Paul Allen that we would be better than this year! You won't Like Paul Allen when he gets angry! Keep your promises Neil and make us better!

Pick your click on the poll! Leave your comments after!!! All thoughts and comments are welcomed!!!




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