Draft Picks (10th, 39th, 40th, 45th)

Hi everyone.

I'm a Blazer fan from Italy and sorry for my poor english.

I read a lot of things in these last weeks to move up with a trade or to trade 10th for 20th or similar position, for someone it's easier to pick a "Steal of The Draft" or a very good pick from 15th to 25th but Portland picked Nolan Smith with 21st in 2011 :(

Here's a list of the last ten 10th pick :

2003 Jarvis Hayes

2004 Luke Jackson

2005 Andrew Bynum

2006 Mouhamed Sene

2007 Spencer Hawes

2008 Brook Lopez

2009 Brandon Jennings

2010 Paul George

2011 Jimmer Fredette

2012 Austin Rivers

What do we have here? An All-Star, maybe 2 (Paul George, Bynum), and two very good picks (Brook Lopez and Brandon Jennings) and even three busts ( Hayes, Jackson, Sene...who's Sene?!?).

Paul George has been a better choice than all the other picks from 2th to 9th.

So I think it's not impossible to have a good pick with number 10.

From several videos I watched in these past days there are better options than various Caldwell Pope, Plumlee, Carter-Williams and less risky than Gobert or Saric.

If Olshey chooses a C, in my opinion the BPA at 10th is Gorgui Dieng.

He's complete, great defender (good blocker) and offensively has a good range of shots. If Olshey chooses Dieng it sounds like "something went wrong with Meyers...". so I think this wouldn't be what GM will do.

In my opinion there are, at least, other two player who are predicted from 20th to 25th who could be a good "risk" at 10th.

2. Tony Mitchell ( He had a great Freshman Season but in the last year his stats got worse ). Superb athlete, very good rebounder, after his freshman season was predicted as top 5 in the 2013 Draft.

3. Glen Rice J, too high for a 10th pick but better than others predicted before him.

For the three second rounders my favourite choices are (5 names for 3 places) :

1 - CJ Leslie, 2 - Livio Jean Charles, 3 - Reggie Bullock, 4- Jackie Carmichael, 5 - Erick Green as Lillard's backup or Andre Roberson as Batum/Aldridge backup

What do you think about Mitchell/Dieng? And what are your favourite 2nd rounders?

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