Man, I like this guy the more I see him. I think his style fits in perfect with ours. Here is what I like about him.

1- He plays a physical game, gets to the rim well and finishes well through contact.

2- He can break. Alot. A big part of the NBA shooting guards threat should always be running and attacking on the break. Easy buckets win ball games and are freebies. Vic does this really well and would certainly help Dame is this. How many times do we see Matthews running the lane and scoring in transition? Rarely.

3- He picks his shots well. He fixed his jumpshot and it worked. I think his shooting will really prevail in the NBA solely because he know whats a good shot and what isn't. Lebron FINALLY figured this out. Vic already has this.

4- He has a nice Pull Up off the dribble. Lots of balance and lift and a LOT of accuracy. You don't see a lot of this in the NBA anymore. Jordan developed this. Westbrook has added it but most of the other guys are fading and falling. You don't shoot this well (70%??) by fluke off the dribble.

5- HE CAN SCORE EFFICIENTLY WITHOUT DOMINATING THE BALL. Every freakin SG in the NBA seems to want to be a point guard and pound the nails into the court. I hate this. Remember Reggie Miller moving off the ball? D Wade figured this out last year. Vic already has this. This is a big deal especially with a scoring point like Dame. I LOVE this part. He uses cuts to get to the rim. Our offense has a lot of this already.


Of course he plays fantastic defense at a very dynamic position on and off ball.

I see him as kind of a James Harden with less handles, more athleticism, more defense, less hair, better pull up and more game off the ball. All he needs to do is continue to improve his ball handling. That will improve his drives (which are explosive and already great), improve his ISO game and also cut way down on his turn overs. I would take this dude #1 easily in this draft for Portland. High efficiency isn't a fluke with this guy. That also says ALOT about his decision making and tells me that his work ethic could REALLY make him elite. He has the body and the game to do it.

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