Batum trade. Moving the needle

What makes a good roster?

Is it a roster full of allstars w/ huge contracts? Or is it a roster full of potential allstars w/ great salaries?

personally I think that a gm has to have the perfect balance of both. I mean imagine if we had a line up of lillard caliber players with similar contracts. We would have a great starting line up with millions left in capspace. That is why players like lillard are so important.

What I would like to purpose is trading Batum and his overwhelming contract (10.9 mil next year) for Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett or maybe (a bit of a stretch) Shabazz and a bunch of non guaranteed contracts that we would let go.

This gives us

-plenty of cap space to bolster the roster (23.4 mil)

-Gives us a very good prospect that is likely to surpass nicks production within 2 or so years. (maybe without the run down blocks)

We could trade batum to Cleveland for their pick (#1-#5)

We could trade batum to Pheonix for their pick (#1-#5)

We then trade #10 Freeland 3mil and #40 for Gortat (7.7 mil)

which leaves us with (23.4mil)+(2 mil for #10 pick) +(3mil for freeland) - (7.7 mil for Gortat) - (5m #1-#5 pick)

Leaving us with 15.7 mil in capspace

We Get Evans for 12 mil

Leaving us with 3.7 mil in capspace

We get Brewer (3.7 mil), Oneal (vet min) and Maynor (biannual exception)

to get a roster of

pg:Lillard /Maynor/Williams

sg:Evans /Matthews/Barton

sf:Porter, Bennett or shabbazz/ Brewer/Claver

pf:Lamarcus Aldridge /O'neal/Mbakwe (#39)

C: Gortat /Leonard/Muscala (#45)

This is a possible and very deep roster without many weaknesses. The key is finding someone to trade their lottery pick for Batum.

For one Batum is proven AND has as much potential as the guy a team wants to draft

Two, Batum is young and shows improvement

Three, I don't think Batum really cares for Portland after the whole Minnesota fiasco and teams may predict that his production is gonna be better elsewhere

I think his production will be better elsewhere and if Minnesota thinks he is worth the price other teams probably think so too. Plus Cleveland offered batum a 13/mil contract last year. I think they will accept his 11 million contract if it was offered.

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