Paul Pierce???

I know that Paul Pierce is mostly hated by all basketball fans who aren't fans of the Celtics but its looking more and more like Boston is getting ready to ship him out ( Now the Celtics would love teams to give them some pieces in exchange for Pierce's $15mill contract but I think the more likely scenario is that they are forced to release him to save themselves $10mill since his contract isn't fully guaranteed.

So my question here is do you think the blazers would be interested in going after Paul Pierce if he is released by the celtics?

I realize Pierce would likely be looking for a team that can contend for a title next season especially if he is going to take a dramatic pay cut but this could be where smooth talking Neil Olshey comes in and convinces him that with him on our roster in addition to the other moves we make will make this team a contender now!

My vision for this happening would be something involving trading Wes and maybe Claver for Gortat. Draft best player available (Shabazz, Dieng, McCollum or whatever) at the #10 pick and grab a PF in the 2nd round. Then we sign JR smith as our 6th man around $5mill then sign Pierce For around $6.5-7mill a year for two years, sign Maynor with remaining cap space. With the mini MLE exception sign Brewer at $3mill or whatever that is. You end up with.....

PG- Dame, Maynor

SG- Pierce, JR, Barton, (maybe Shabazz)

SF- Batum, Brewer, (Maybe Shabazz)

PF- LA, Freeland, (2nd rounder)

C - Gortat, Leonard, (maybe Dieng)

Anyways that lineup is just an Idea (Not my favorite off season move either) and kind of a short term solution as well as not solving our interior defensive problems very well but if we drafted Shabazz then that could make Pierce an attractive trade piece come trade deadline or the next offseason and Doesnt dave always say its about getting as much talent as possible??.... Anyways back to the Question would you be interested in Pierce?? Is there a lineup that you could see happening that would make the short term acquisition of Pierce making us contenders and something the Blazers would be interested in? Answer the Poll and give me your thoughts and ideas and lineups in the comments.

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