Stirring up controversy or just getting junked 2014 strategy

Hi all,

I haven't posted on Blazersedge in years now. I have been following the team, but I got sick of fan forums in general due in no small part to my ability to quickly sink to the lowest common denominator. At any rate much love to you all and I have a serious question for you guys. One that is guaranteed to get junked and perhaps (hopefully) by some considered or even loved.

Firstly some background reading:

And then

So you can see based on many folks opinion the only way to get a title (the ultimate goal here right?) is to have a transcendent Superstar. Rarely, RARELY have teams won any other way since the Stern era began (cue conspiracy theorists who might just be right e.g. reffing fines, lack of independent ref union, superstar league etc.). So, if you need a SUPERSTAR, not just a star that means a high draft pick and not just ANY high draft pick a high draft pick in a highly regarded draft class. 2014 is one of those years.

Let's face it, the Blazers aren't winning a ring next year barring no Blazer making the all-star game and some catastrophic event that wipes out all the league's premier talent leaving the Blazers the "post-WWII USA" industrial power of the league.

Sure, making the playoffs next year we could get Lillard some playoff experience and that has some value. It won't win us a championship though. Also, Portland is unlikely to be able to woo LeBron or a Shaq type talent to our fair city. We aren't going to get the Superstar we need through Free Agency and we're unlikely to get one via trade.

That leaves the draft and next year's draft looks to be amazing.

So here's where I make about 1/3rd of fans LIVID. I propose we throw everything we got at likely high draft picks next season. That's this year's picks and everyone on the team not named Lillard. That's right absolutely gut the team and load up on 2014 picks. By gutting the team we also put ourselves in position to get a high pick NEXT year. Giving us a shot at the #1 overall pick. Once we are absolutely loaded to the gills with 2014 picks we can take a shot at Wiggins or any of the many superb picks next year. Yes Wiggins is the target, but there are likely to be outstanding players next year just below him.

One of the pillars of my line of reasoning is that Lillard is the future, heck he's the present of the Blazers and we should build around him NOT LMA or Batum or anyone else. His window extends far into the future and his age group is where we should focus our efforts. We need another significant player and probably two. LMA isn't going to get it done and he is supposedly complaining about his window being now. Let's trade him and all our other non-Lillard pieces to give us a shot at a ring.

But, but, but Idog.....bad habits, losing ways, the honor of not tanking. Um really? We just dropped 13 straight in the most obvious tanking effort since the 2007 Celtics. We did in in the wrong year though 2013 isn't going to get us there. 2014 might. I'm quite serious we should go absolutely bananas acquiring picks for next year and anything we can get that might put us in a position to get the 2014 #1.

So let the rage fest begin! I expect nothing short of a severe verbal beating so have at it. Oh and if you like it then great. If you disagree, please tell me how we can win a championship without drafting someone like Wiggins. I love Lillard and think he can be on CP3's level if we are very lucky. I LOVE Lillard and would not trade him for any reason, but that said we need someone even better to win a championship in my humble opinion.
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