Realistic and very strong Blazer´s Roster for next Season....

Most of fans "love" to make fantasy rosters and i´m one of them ...

I think we need to get real. A few things we should pay attention...

Tony Allen said he wouldnt mind coming to Portland, and that Olshey could get some players, due to his good conections, and some vets like J. O´Neal would like to come to Portland...

We need to move 1 piece of our Core 4 to get the pieces we need to be contenders, Lillard and Aldridge will be our franchise players, then we should keep some more of this years roster, because i think there is a lot of potential there that is yet to be developed (Batum, Claver, Barton, Freeland and Leonard) If the cap Limit is around 58M, we will have around 14,7M to spend, we have the rights to K. Papanikolaou, the 10th Pick in 2013 and 3 Second round picks.

1st The trade that would take us to the next level, i would use Mathews + rights to K. Papanikolaou + picks to trade for a Starting Center . Mathews + 10th pick + (Papanikolaou and 2nd round picks, if needed ) going to the Bucks, and we receive Sanders + Mba a Moute.

2nd After the trade, sign Tony Allen (4M) defensive expert , Nick Young (4M) that would be our 6th man,Olshey signed him to the Clippers as he did with Billups(4M) that we would sign too , and Jermaine O´Neal, 2M, he said he would like to come back and he would be a good mentor and backup to our bigs.

3rd A few spots left in the roster (2), not much cap to use (if there is any)but we have a room exception, and maybe some 2nd round picks remaining from the trade... So i would only use the room exception to get another backup big, someone skilled like Antwan Jamison to backup Aldridge.

PG: Damian Lillard / (Chauncey Billups)

SG: (Tony Allen) / (Nick Young) / Will Barton

SF: Nic Batum / (Mbah a Moute) / Victor Claver

PF: Lamarcus Aldridge / (Antwan Jamison ) / Joel Freeland

C: (Larry Sanders) / Leonard / (Jermaine O´Neal)

Very complete team, strong starting 5, good deph mixing experienced players with some young players.. This would make us a contender... I THINK...

What do you think about this Blazer fans?

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