Draft / Free Agency Look-a-head, Shooting Guards

With this summer's point guards described and speculated over, I will now turn my head to the shooting guard position, and look over the free agents and players available in the draft. The SG position is important as it is our 2nd weakest position (behind center), while also being the deepest position in free agency.

Taking into account we have Wesley Matthews - a tough defender, great leader and three-point marksman, who isn't very athletic and not the best at creating his own shot - I will look at SGs covering Wesley's weaknesses.
First up, my 5 free agents in alphabetical order.

Tyreke Evans
, currently with the Kings, @ $5.35 million (RFA) 23 years old, 6-6 220.
- Unusual player, big for his position w/ a massive wingspan. Jumpshot is poor but improving, draws fouls consistently. Great athleticism and A/TO ratio. Hasn't improved much since rookie year, but playing for dysfunctional team. Great defensive potential, can play PG, and possibly SF. Starter / 6th man?

Roger Mason Jr, currently with the Hornets, @ $1.1 million (Unrestricted) 32 years old, 6-5 205.
- Top 15 in 3pt FG% at .415. Great in the locker room, VP of the players' union which shows he is a leader. Would be good w/ young team, not a bad defender. Clutch, has hit multiple game-winners. Doesn't drive the ball at all and doesn't get to the FT line. Cheap option.

J.J. Redick, currently with the Bucks, @ $6.2 million 25 years old, 6-4 190.
- One of the best 3-point shooters in the league, good stroke, solid on-ball defender. Can run the point occasionally, and has great work ethic and court IQ. Playing poorly since with Bucks so shouldn't be too expensive. Not very good at creating his own shot and more of a spot-up scorer. Starter / 6th man?

Elliott Williams, currently with us, @ $1.4 million (Unrestricted) 23 years old, 6-5 180.
- Athleticism is his greatest claim, injury prone as we have seen, which may have affected this.Reasonable defender, hasn't had a chance to showcase shooting against quality defenses. Inconsistent and poor with his right hand. Cheap option.

Nick Young, currently with the 76ers, @ $5.6 million (Unrestricted) 27 years old, 6-7 210.
- Great athleticism, wingspan and first step, solely a scorer, mid-range and closer. Known as a chucker but has stopped somewhat (last season shot once per 2 mins, now closer to 1 per 3 mins). 3-point shooting down this year (35%) but in playoffs for Clippers shot 17-33 from the outside. A:TO ratio has gone from 1:1.5 to 1.5:1. 6th man?

The five SGs I see as realistic gets for us in the draft:

1st Round

Gary Harris, played for Michigan State, a freshman at 18 years old, 6-4 205.
- Comparable to Eric Gordon. An undersized SG, who hasn't run any point this year. Plays good defense and has good character - haven't seen enough MSU basketball to say.

Shabazz Muhammad, played for UCLA, a freshman at 20 years old, 6-6 225.
- Comparable to Nick Young, or a less skilled James Harden. Has good physical tools and competitiveness, as well as good touch with his left hand and improving perimeter shooter. One-sided - his assist numbers are very low - and also has question marks over maturity. A tweener, Portland would be good for him after controversy.

2nd Round -

James Ennis, played for Long Beach State, a senior at 22 years old, 6-7 210.
- Comparable to a less skilled Kawhi Leonard. Great athleticism and vertical leap, quite the dunker. Good quickness but poor handles to put skills to use. Average perimeter shooter, poor defensive instincts.

Michael Snaer, played for Florida State, a senior at 22 years old, 6-5 202.
- Comparable to less athletic Josh Howard. Good perimeter shooter, doesn't drive often. Above-average handles and passing skills for SG. Clutch - has made multiple game-winners, and is a great defender.

Tony Snell, played for New Mexico , a junior at 21 years old, 6-7 200.
- Comparable to less physical Kawhi Leonard (were high-school teammates). Catch and shoot player with NBA range, 3FG% of 39, athletic.

This is the end to my second look-a-head. Just like to say thanks to my sources for height / weight / other info:

As said, I will continue these posts through all positions, and possibly create an extra one afterwards on players I've missed, or their draft stock has changed a lot so they've become a possibility for us.
Thanks for reading, hope this is helpful / insightful!

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