Gimme Dat Draft Knowledge Son! 4-6-13

So we are almost guaranteed the 12th pick in this years draft. Philly lost again tonight, bumping us back up to 2 and a half game lead on them. The 11th pick seems less and less likely. Its not mathematically impossible yet, but its getting closer. Anyways, I do not watch ANY college ball. I do not know anything about the teams, or the players. I know that DraftExpress - NBA Draft, NCAA/International Basketball Website is a great start for anyone wanting to get some knowledge. But im curious what you guys think. Im going to ask a couple questions and you can tell me what you think. But go easy there cheefster!

Looking over the draft list top 20 players on draft express and the mock lottery I notice there are a lot of centers(9 of the top 22 on DrftEx). So here is suggestion #1:

1.Why would or wouldnt we want to move up to get Cody Zeller as a center and then make him battle it out with Meyers Leonard for the center spot? He is listed #6 on DE(draftexpress) list and is the #2 rated center behind Nerlens Noel. If we did do that, how would it happen? Who would you be willing to trade to move up? Should we just stay where we are at?

2. What do you think of center Kelly Olynyk? ESPNs mock draft has us picking him every time I do it. He is listed as a 7 footer 238lber. A recent DE tweet said of him-"DraftExpress: Kelly Olynyk is one of the most fluid and coordinated big men in college basketball. His range of motion is huge. Now we know why. Sounds interesting. But hey I know nothing. Ive never seen him play.

3. What position do you think we should address with the draft? I would think C or SG. Who knows maybe you think otherwise. Explain.

4. If nothing else, I want your own suggestion on how you would like to see the draft play out. Who do you think we should go after, positional needs the team should address, possibly trading our pick, moving up moving down. What should we do. Break me off real proper like.

So those are my questions. I am trying to build up some knowledge on these players before we get to the draft. I sure am excited for it, hopefully its one of those days where we make some magic happen!



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