My moneyball pick ups are certainly the answer

Hello everyone. Since every person on BE has their own opinions on what we should do this summer, I thought I might as well make a post about mine as well. Opinions are fun!

These players are ignoring the idea of a trade, who we draft and assume we cut everyone who is not guaranteed for next year. While I'm willing to offer ideas for FA's and RFA's i'm too lazy to speculate who we will draft and who we might trade.

I'm fully aware that PER is not the only stat to consider when looking at the quality of a player, but to save this from being a wall of text, it's the only one I will list for now.

Brandan Wright- A 25 year old center currently making only 800k and will be an UFA this summer. Wright has put up a PER of 21.38 in 20 minutes a game. While not a juggernaut on either the offense or defense. He is a solid athletic center that can likely be had for a very reasonable cost and who would fit into the Blazers style of play very well. Plus look at those ears. They alone can play better defense than any of our current middle men.

Psycho T- How you do replicate JJ's numbers but in a back up PF position? Sign this guy at likely 1/3- 1/2 the cost of what JJ is going to command. Tyler is putting up 7 points and 5 boards in 15 minutes. JJ is putting up 13 points and 10 boards in 30 minutes. Plus Psycho T is a scrapper and plays hard ball basketball, something the blazers need.

-Bonus Plus. Hey, his little brother will likely be free. Everyone likes brothers on the same team, it'll make for great posters to sell in the Rose Garden!

Gerald Henderson -Averaging a 17.41 PER and putting up slightly better numbers than Wes$. Would be a great SG off the bench. Plays decent D, rebounds well for a SG and has somehow kept a great attitude while playing a career in Charlotte.

We should still have enough room to sign Maynor assuming we don't pay his QO

and still add, Pryz and E WIll mostly because I love me some Pryz and I am an E Will homer.

So this would give us

PG Lillard/Maynor

SG Wes$/Henderson/E Will

C Wright/Leonard/ Przy

SF Batum/ Claver/Barton

PF LA/ Psycho/ Freeland

+ the draft pick

Our team's only real issue was our bench last year. Bolster the bench and put in a decent C to replace the loss of Hickson and this team would scary for all 48 minutes.

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