2nd Rounders: Anthony Marshall & Jackie Carmichael

I doubt we end up keeping all three of our 2nd round picks, if nothing else one of them gets used on a Euro stash. But, I think we will use a couple of them to fill out the end of the bench on guys that could compete for rotation minutes.

My two picks would be Anthony Marshall, the PG out of UNLV, and Jackie Carmichael, the PF out of Illinois State.

Marshall was a top recruit coming out of high school, and chose to stay close to home and play for UNLV. He was a combo guard for the first few years, but transitioned to being the primary ball-handler this season. So, theoretically he could backup and play alongside Lillard. He is 6'1," but has an enormous 6'10" wingspan, and is built like a tank, so he has the size to defend either guard spot. Speaking of defense, he was on the first team All-Defense in the Mountain West this year, so he is not afraid to get after it on that end. The big knock on him up to this point has been his perimeter shooting, and decision making as a point guard. He got his 3pt percentage up to a respectable 35% this year. He averaged about 6.5 assists/game per 40 minutes, on an A/TO ratio of 2.14. So he has shown he can be a respectable distributor as well. Most of all, and this is what I really look for in a player, he loves to compete. He has a bit of Wesley Matthews in him.

Carmichael is in the same mold as a competitor. He kind of reminds me of Jeff Pendergraph. He goes after boards on both ends of the court, has some low post ability, can block shots, and play solid low-post defense. He needs to work on his mid-range jumper. But, I would honestly rather have him near the rim, attacking the glass. In that way, he could be a good backup big to pair with Meyers Leonard. Here is a video breakdown about him from Draft Express.

I've kind of stopped looking at first round prospects, because I'm convinced that we're going to trade #10 and our 2nd rounder from the Twolves to Houston for Asik, so they can get under the cap and sign either Dwight or JSmoove. Going into next summer, our roster would look something like this:

Batum/Corey Brewer/Claver

I would love to get a more proven ball-handler at the backup two, but I prioritized defense, something Asik and Brewer bring in spades. Plus, I'm willing to give Barton and E.Will another year to see if they can show anything, while still having Maynor as a ball-handler that could move Lillard to off-guard for stretches.

That starting five is pretty legit, and Maynor/Brewer/Leonard forms the beginnings of a respectable bench. Plus, Brewer gives you the option of pairing Batum or Matthews with Leonard for a more dynamic two-guard at the deadline next year.

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