My Evaluation:

Here's My Evaluation:

LA: I'm pretty satisfied with the guy. I just wish he had more of a killer instinct and a high motor. I wish he was more of a leader. PFs that come to mind that have those qualities: KG and Duncan.

NIC: High bball IQ. Not a high enough motor. Not enough handle. Needs to expand his offensive game. Post moves. Go-to Dribble drives and mid range face ups, getting to the line etc. Needs Melo or Durant type moves.

WES: Has a high motor, but doesn't exactly have the skills to go with that motor. I wish he was a better finisher and/ or better at drawing fouls. Needs some D Wade, Ginobili, Harden, and Kobe type of moves.

DAME: Love the guy. Needs to become the leader that LMA is not. Needs floaters like Tony Parker. Needs the hesitation dribble + pull up jumper from the elbow like Westbrook. Needs to keep his dribble in the lane like CP3, Nash, Dragic, Barea. Dame gets in there and always leaves his feet. Which many times ends up being good, but sometimes it's just a wasted possession/ turnover.

CENTER: We all know we want a Rim Protector. I don't know who that will be. I like a lot about Meyers, I just hope he doesn't take forever.

BARTON: I really like him. High motor. You can tell by his efforts on defense and the way he rebounds. I LOVE his ability to handle the rock and get to the rim and free throw line. Definitely needs to work on his jumper and limit his turnovers. Watching him play in comparison to Nic and Wes is almost refreshing because of his skill set. And fearlessness.

Final thoughts:

1. I think if Dame and LMA could develop an unstoppable Pick and Roll chemistry that could be huge. I just remember watching Stockton and Malone running it like 75% of their possessions and having a great deal of success. In recent years, I can't think of too many duos that run it well. Pierce and KG? Nash to Amare back in PHX?Parker to Duncan?

2. I love this team and I am excited about where it is headed. But the bottom line is, I can't see this team beating the super teams that currently exist. These super teams are going to be around for a while. I feel like the problem is with the general personalities of NIC WES and LMA. The X factor is missing. The killer instinct. I've seen it in Damian. But the super teams, with their mega stars are so far ahead of us, with their killer instinct.

current or past killers:

Westbrook, Durant

Lebron, D Wade



D Rose






How are we supposed to compete with those types of guys in a 7 game series? I just don't see NIC WES and LMA developing that killer instinct ever. The absolute best case scenario is becoming one of those random one hit wonder teams, like the Mavs a few years ago. The Pistons from about 10 years ago.

But after that, the next best thing is becoming one of those teams that just gets to the Western conference finals (or close) year after year. The JailBlazers, Sacramento Queens, Utah Jazz (90s). I suppose i'm okay with that. But I hope everyone else is okay with not winning a championship. It's gonna take some type of miracle.

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