Two sides to every story. Seeing things thru their eyes...

Couple excerpts I picked up from Silver Screen and Roll (LAL site), funny name considering they have never been able to defend the screen and roll. Here's how their fanbase sees the season. I'm not trying to mock them, truth be told, I see a lot of the same feelings of homerism expressed on here. It just interests me.

"Mike D'Antoni has had the type of year you would wish upon no coach. In fact, I would question whether any coach in history faced as difficult a challenge as Mike D'Antoni this season. He inherited a team that didn't quite fit his style. He inherited a coaching staff he had never worked with. He had no training camp to implement his system and feel out his personnel. His team was hit by the injury bug worse than any season I can recall. He was constantly having to deal with the bright lights that comes with being the coach of the premier franchise in the league, all while battling the expectations of "championship or bust", with a fan base that never fully supported him from the start."

Sound familiar? Nate Mc Millan and the big three, injuries, expectations...

"Many felt scorned when D'Antoni was hired over their coaching idol, Phil Jackson. Others jumped on board the "Fire D'Antoni Train" when the Lakers started 4-9 with the new coach at the helm. A few more found room on this train when Pau Gasol was benched. When Earl Clark was given minutes and emerged as a quality player, some additional seats were taken as people wondered how a coach could have such a talent glued to the bench. The train was almost filled when the Lakers dropped back-to-back games against Phoenix and Washington, putting their playoff hopes in peril. Then last week when Kobe Bryant ruptured his Achilles, an angry mob filled with not only Lakers fans, but also NBA fans in general, stormed the train, claiming whatever room was available. The train was full. Hell, it was over-crowded. It is only with a cool head can we look back and see that the occupying of that train was a poor decision to begin with."

An angry mob of Lake fans and 'NBA fans in general' stormed the fire Mike train? Yeah, in every city across the USA people were upset that the Lakes might not make the playoffs and demanded the coach be fired...

"The Lakers hit a low point right around the Memphis game on January 23rd."

Their record after that game: 17-25. Wow. Just wow. That is truly a low point. I cannot even begin to imagine...

"During that stretch (after the Memphis loss) the Lakers have been a very solid 11-10 on the road. Some will say that good teams win at home, but great teams win on the road. A big reason for the Lakers success has been an improving defense."

That is definitely a glass half full assessment. Some would say officiating may have helped as well. Howard's improved health is probably the biggest reason tho..

"Then again, with Phil Jackson's recent commentsabout his "itching" to get back to work, I am sure the pro-Phil pundits will be quite vocal in support of replacing D'Antoni. After all, nothing solves the problem of having a coach who supposedly only knows how to coach his system by replacing him with a coach who only knows how to coach his system."

This poor franchise and it's never ending problems like All Stars begging to play there and the best coaches, including the most successful ever, wanting to coach there. Heavy is the head that wears the crown...

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