2013/2014 What to do...

We have 8 players guaranteed for next season. Lillard, Mathews, Barton, Batum, Claver, Aldridge, Freeland and Leonard. Combining around: 43,25M

1st I would try to waive/trade Freeland(3M).

2nd I would let N. Smith, S. Pavlovic, E. Williams, L. Babbit and J. Jeffries go right away...

3rd That leaves Maynor and Hickson. In Maynor´s case, i would resign him, either for the QO or later in the FA. In Hickson´s case, I would try a Sign and Trade if possible.

We have some young players and lots of potential to develop yet. We need to add experienced players to the roster. The way i see it, the main needs will be a Starting Center, that provides good defense, and a 6th Man, SG/SF, to give us some serious scoring off bench, and since we shoot a lot of 3´s maybe we should target a specialist in that area and a Backup PF that can also defend. Eventually a Defensive Minded Wing too.

We will have the 1st round pick(11th or 12th) and 1/2 2nd round picks, What to do with it? Trade it or use it (who to pick?) I would try to trade/sell them.

So at best we would have 20M in cap + a 2,5 Room Exception.

PG: Eric Maynor(2M), came at the trade deadine, and he helped Lillard a lot and he will be very usefull next year.

SG: Anthony Morrow(3M), a 3pt specialist, that could easily be a candidate for 6th man of the year, if he gets enough playing time to get it going.

SF: Marquis Daniels(2M), experienced defense specialist.

PF: Brandan Wright (2M), he would replace JJ, he scores, rebounds and defend better then JJ, and can also play C.

Center is the main need so i will elaborate a bit... We will need to use around 10/12M to get a Legit Center

We all would love to get Howard, Bynum or Pekovic, top Centers in the FA, they will demand 15M+ for sure, that would limit our action to get a decent bench. Then, there are Splitter, Jeferson, Kaman and Dalembert, i think all within or range, it would give us a Legit Center to play along Aldridge and a tutor to Leonard, all experienced players. So my choice would be 1 off this 4. If we cant get any off those above... there are some more options, but not good enough for what we are seeking, like Mozgoz, Pachulia, O´Neal ...

What woud you do blazers fans?

PS: We would also need a few more players to fill the roster...

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