How to Kahn a Franchise

I was reading Amin Elhassan's article on ESPN about free agents for the summer and as I wrote a list of players I would like to grab, I noticed that most of the players I would like to add were from one other team, the Denver Nuggets. Below are a list of players and why they fit or don't fit. The number in parenthesis is the value that Elhassan placed on them for '13-'14.

Andre Igoudala ($13 million)

Why he fits: With the addition of Iggy, the blazers could shift Batum to start at SG next to Iggy. This gives you three ball handlers in the starting 5, 2 high level perimeter defenders, frees up Lillard to move off the ball, and moves Matthews to a 6th man spot. Also, this frees up shots for Aldridge and Lillard, as both Batum and Iggy are willing passers.

Why he doesn't fit: He's 29 years old. How much longer can he remain an elite defender? Is he worth a 4 or 5 year deal? These are questions that remain with any player his age.

Timofey Mozgov ($6.3 million)

Why he fits: He's a legitimate NBA center who would could split time effectively with Leonard. He is an active rebounder; which is always a good skill to have next to Aldridge. He can hit a 15' jumper to open up the floor for cutting wings.

Why he doesn't fit: He's not an elite defensive center. He has Joel Pryzbilla hands.

Corey Brewer ($5 million)

Why he fits: Elite wing defender. Good 3pt shooter from some areas of the floor. Would fill the same role as above for Iggy, but with out the passing and overall game. If he could improve his 3pt accuracy without sacrificing his defense, Brewer would be the ideal value wing player for next years Blazers.

Why he doesn't fit: Asking him to improve his shot is a stretch, and if it doesn't improve you're stuck with a defensive wing specialist that will be a huge liability on offense.

From non-Nugget players on the list, I wouldn't mind taking a run at Nikola Pekovic because he is very good center, and it would be nice to stick it to the Wolves at the same time. Also, bringing back Eric Maynor seems like a no-brainer.

Blazers 13-14 Roster (Minus Rookies)

PG: Lillard, Maynor

SG: Batum, Matthews, Barton

SF: Igoudala, Claver

PF: Aldridge, Freeland

C: Mozgov , Leonard

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