Blazer's Broadcasters

I've been reading other teams' comments recently during games, and one thing I've noticed is that nearly all of the complain about Mike and Mike. Here, I'd like to bring up the topic of what really makes commentators good, and whether our Mike Barrett and Mike Rice fit the bill.

First, we should categorize the stereotypical commentators found in the NBA...


Mike Barrett The Homer has bias for their team and aren't afraid to show it.


All National Commentators These commentators are Homers at heart but try their very best to hide it, but when things get exciting late the bias is usually clear.

No Bias

These commentators don't exist. The only exception would be a commentator that isn't a fan of the sport, which I have personally never heard of.

Retired Player A

Charles Barkley Retired Player A usually complains about how the league isn't the same and continually get angry in an attempt to make his or her point.

Retired Player B

Shaquille O'Neal Retired Player B often doesn't have much skill as a public speaker, but adds a fun though sometimes over the top dimension that includes some player insight.


Mike Rice Also known as color commentators, the title "Clown" is pretty self explanatory.

Stat Guy

?????? This type of commentator is all about stats and strategy. If you listen, the things said are quite interesting, but when you're done you'll feel like you just memorized every playbook and box score man has seen.

The list of stereotypical commentator categories could go on forever, but that should cover the basics. Most NBA broadcasting companies have two TV commentators, though TNT and ESPN sometimes have three. The question is, which combination is the best for Portland? Currently, I would categorize Barrett as a Homer, though he does show flashes of trying to hide it, and Rice as a Homer Clown. If Barrett could hide his bias a little better and provide us with more views from the other side, I wouldn't mind him so much, and it seems like he's trying to do that. Mike Rice on the other hand, is Mike Rice. If you don't like him, you have not completely absorbed Portland culture.

Deciding whether they should be replaced, I would say no. Unless the Blazers were to go under a major cultural shift, the Barrett and Rice combination is the best option despite its flaws. Any other combination wouldn't fit this city, but a trio of Mike and Mike plus Roy does intrigue me.

Other stereotypes you can think of? Opinion of Mike and Mike? Opinion of other commentators? Which team has the worst commentators? Comment below...

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