Draft / Free Agency Look-a-head, Point Guards

In the coming weeks, I'll be looking at the best, realistic, players by position in the draft and free agency that we can attain. I will be considering RFAs, in addition to UFAs. When I have gone through all the positions I will make a list of the top free agents and college players I think suit the Blazers.

Today I will be looking at the point guard position.

Considering we already have our PGOTF, this is just a list of suitable back-ups, and their pluses below, mainly looking at defensive PGs, without further ado, my 5 free agents are (in alphabetical order):

Chauncey Billups, currently with the Clippers, @ $4 million (Unrestricted) 36 years old, 6-3
- Everyone compares him to Lillard, would be a great mentor and played excellent D in the past.

Toney Douglas, currently with the Kings, @ $2 million (Qualifying Offer) 26 years old, 6-2
- Similar to Billups (like Lillard), he is more of an undersized combo guard, but plays great on-ball D.

Eric Maynor, currently playing for us, @ $2.3 million (Qualifying Offer) 25 years old, 6-3
- As we all know is great at running the team off the bench, a true PG, whilst playing adequate defence.

Beno Udrih, currently playing for the Magic, @ $7.4 million (Unrestricted) 30 years old, 6-3
- A below-average on ball defender, but with a feel for the game and great awareness. true PG, can run an offence.

C.J. Watson, currently playing for the Nets, @ $1 million (Player option for $1.1 million) 28 years old, 6-2
- A good defender with solid awareness, doesn't turn it over much and has great speed.

My 5 PGs attainable in the draft are:

1st round -
Trey Burke, currently playing for Michigan, a sophomore at 20 years old, 6-1 175.
- National Player of the Year Candidate. Extremely quick, good in the pick-and-roll and has a great assist/turnover ratio. Undersized but makes up for it in effort, as well as being a natural leader.

Michael Carter-Williams, currently playing for Syracuse, a sophomore at 21 years old, 6-5 175.
- Although on-ball D is hard to distinguish in 2-3 zone, shows outstanding defensive instincts. Can run a team, good at penetrating but is bad under pressure, and shows a questionable demeanour (caught shoplifting in Dec.)

C.J. McCollum, currently playing for Lehigh, a senior at 21 years old, 6-3 190.
- Possibly the best pure scorer in the draft, led the nation in scoring before foot injury. Damian Lillard Lite, in that he is not as good at playing the point, is smaller and less athletic, but is a better shooter. Small-school kid as well.

2nd round -
Lorenzo Brown, currently playing for North Carolina State, a junior at 22 years old, 6-5 185.
- Same build as Carter-Williams, a passing point guard with questionable defence. This year has been disappointing as he was projected a late-lottery but is now early 2nd rounder. Similar to Eric Maynor.

Nate Wolters, currently playing for South Dakota State, a senior at 21 years old, 6-4 190.
- Top 5 in the country for scoring, while also leading his team in assists and 2nd in rebounding. Averaging 23/6/6, but against poor opposition. Has a high IQ, poor athleticism and question marks over ability to defend in the NBA.

That is the end to part 1 of my 'Look-a-head to the summer', as I have said I will go into depth about who I think we should get and why when I have finished all five positions, but for now, I've just written short descriptions on each player. I hope you find them useful and look out for the college players in March Madness, 4 out of 5 of them are in it!

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