The Most Underrated JD Ever!

It looks like a new Junk Drawer is in order. My topic/inspiration is things that are underrated. Anything in life that's underrated--not including Trail Blazers, which would properly be its own post--would fit the bill.

Since the topic is so vast I'm going to narrow it down to Disney Princesses. With a 5 and 2 year old in tow, I watch plenty of Disney movies, read Disney-themed little girl already thinks she's a princess in training. But most of the popular material follows obvious targets like Cinderella (ugh!) and Snow White (why???) If we're supposed to consider these ladies as the feminine ideal, here's a list of five Disney heroines you'll hear far less about but are far more attractive/cool/interesting than the familiar princess icons. Copyright issues prevent using actual pics, but you'll get the idea.

1. Ariel: Maybe it's the fish legs thing that drives people away. I don't know. But this little mermaid has girl-next-door looks, red hair to die for, and a plethora of tasty fun-loving friends. Plus you have to admire a girl who'd give up her entire voice to get her man. Although if you expect that to last for more than five minutes after the wedding, I have an underwater castle to sell you at bargain prices...

2. Jasmine: This girl has everything. She's smart, feisty, independent, knows what she wants, and being drawn as an homage to Jennifer Connelly sure doesn't hurt! Hubba hubba! Plus she don't need no stinkin' prince to make her a princess, she was born that way. Add in a huge tiger for a family pet and you cannot go wrong.

3. Mulan: OK, so maybe you'd pass her over in a beauty contest, what, with those semi-androgynous looks and all. But this girl has a brain that won't quit. Anyone who figures out how to feed chickens by tying a bone-baited fishing rod to the family dog's neck and a feedbag to his tail scores major points with me. Easy chores FTW! Besides, she's a total gamer chick. Having disposed of all household duties in less than 20 minutes thanks to clever contraptions the two of you can now settle down to marathon games of Civilization, Puerto Rico, or Dynasty Warriors (natch). I just hope you don't mind losing. Plus she's the only Disney princess in history who comes from a non-crazy family, so your relationship won't blow apart three months after it starts.

4. Pocahontas: This is the rare occasion where I don't like the character or the movie that much. But man, whoever illustrated this forgotten Disney princess was working out some kind of female fantasy issues. Enough said.

5. Alice: She's way too young to consider attractive but if she's having these kind of vision-experiences so early you know she's going to be some kind of special freak when she grows up. Cosplay, comic books, piercings and striped leggings, dyed hair, and a British accent too? Ain't no Sleeping Beauty gonna keep up with that!

I'd invite folks to come up with a comparative list of Disney princes but they're all lamewads so it doesn't matter. Go ahead and add your own underrated things (in list form or not) along with whatever conversation comes to mind.


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