Off season epiphany

Tonight im watching the spurs vs mavs before our knick vs blazers game and the commentators have brought up a point i think we should take note of.

Brandon Wright is playing tremendously well in limited minutes and is very confident. Now by no means does he make us world beaters but take a listen. As im watching the game he is altering many a shot in the lane making Ginoblis floaters in the lane tough and thus far none of them has connected. Also he isnt a liability on offense he can hit the spot up mid range 10-15 ft jump shot and has a nifty lil lefty floater in the lane. Mind you hes a legit 6' 10" with long arms, can run the floor, crash both boards. He can switch to guards on picks and is good at showing on picks and roll and recovers back to his man well.

But back to the commentators they said now hes playing like he belongs on the court. This reminds me of Meyers Leonard gobs of potential (Wright was the 8th pick in his draft class) exhilarating when engaged and focus, but a total dissaray when disengaged.

Signing him wouldnt cost alot and wouldnt impede on the development of Meyers. In fact he could help him. He can block shots next to LA and space. Play along with Meyers. And his cheap contract would allow us to keep JJ if we so choose even thought i think his contract would be high.

Olshey wants 3 good players he got one in Eric Maynor, aquisition of Brandon Wright would be 2, and i guess we go for a 6th man.

I personally advocate going for Tyreke Evans if he could resurrect his rookie form in a blazers uniform our back court quartet would be dynamic and potent. From my knowledge a qualifying offer hasnt been extended towards him. Reke can be combo at time and has the length to play the three and before the coming of Kyrie Irving he can the best handle in the league. (sorry chris paul enthusiast, CP3 has the most command of the ball its different). Tremendous one on one ability. Good defender when engaged. A back court of Damian and Tyreke Evans would be one of the scariest in the league bar none.

Damian 20,7

Wesley 14,4,2

Eric 10,4

Reke 16,5,2

If we dont go for Brandon Wright drafting Giorgiu Deng from louisville would be good he has some offense but has Ibaka Light potential but taller with less muscle.

Roster would be:

  • PG: Damian Lillard(Ice cold, unstoppable once he adds drose/tony parker esque floater)
  • Eric Maynor(picture is next to backup point guard in dictionary)
  • SG:Tyreke Evans(Shake n Bake, get her done, bundles of fun)
  • Wesley Matthews(Leader, 3pt ace,slasher, )
  • SF:Niocolas Batum(Pippen-Light; better shooter and passer)
  • Victor Claver(Good around-the-ball ability, hustle, defense, rebounding, just needs to work on shot and some offensive moves)
  • PF: Lamarcus Alderige
  • Earl Clark(interesting off the bench versatile jack of all trades, can back up 3/4)
  • Joel Freeland(cut his a$$)
  • C:Brandon Wright(Shot Blocker, Spacer, Mobile Big)
  • Meyers Leonard(Lightning in a bottle if lightning had adhd, will be a beast once he adds lower body strength, core strength, and focus)

Financial stuff

if we have 13 million

1-2.5 million to Brandon Wright

1.5-2 million to Earl Clark

5-8 million to Tyreke Evans

2-3 million to Eric Maynor

Personally i think this adequately addresses our bench with utility guys in Brandon Wright and Eric Maynor who fill specific needs. Shot Blocking center who isn't a total offensive liability and competent backup who can manage a pick and roll. 6th Man who can get own shot, facilitate, get to the line, terror to guard. Earl Clark can back up 3/4 spot with his versatility giving Stotts a myriad of lineups that can be put on the floor.

I think this set of acquisitions is very realistic, allows Core to stay in tact, rounds out bench, adds potent scoring threat.

Tell me what you think?

Mind you i thought of all this while watch this spurs vs dallas game hopefully we beat the knicks with no melo, amare or chandler. we should have a field day

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