Bench Help: Potential Buyouts

Every year, there are a couple decent players bought out because they are just not in the right situation. JJ Hickson and Boris Diaw are two examples from last year.

If Portland is serious about a playoff run (which I would like to know soon, 9th is a bad place to be), we will need some bench help. We have discussed trades and some of the remaining free agents; but players that are waived or bought out later in the season could be another option.

Here are a few options:

Daniel Gibson, G Cleveland

The veteran Gibson is on the still-rebuilding Cavaliers, and has fallen out of the rotation. If he is not traded, I could see a buyout to save them a couple bucks, and to give him a shot at a larger role and playoffs. Gibson would add a little scoring and is a knockdown shooter.

Corey Maggette, Jose Calderon, Jason Maxiell, and Will Bynum, Detroit

The Pistons should be fully committed to their young players, but still have a lot of veterans on the team.

They SHOULD be willing to trade or buyout any of these guys, all on expiring contracts, to give their young players some more experience towards the end of the season. Maggette, Calderon, or Bynum would greatly help our bench offense. Maxiell would add an energetic post scorer.

Sam Dalembert and Joel Przybilla, Milwaukee

Dalembert and Joel our stuck behind a bunch of younger big guys. Joel probably doesn't mind so much. Dalembert would probably like to earn himself another contract though, and is a decent big body. He could give some valuable minutes against the bigger centers.

Louis Amundson, F Minnesota

Amundson is rumored to be getting ready for a trade or waiving. He wouldn't help our offense much, but you can always use someone who is big and energetic.

Al Harrington, F Orlando

I don't know exactly what his contract is between all the non-guaranteed parts and insurance. But I do know that it is sort of a semi-expiring contract, and the Magic probably shouldn't be giving him playing time when he comes back. If he can return to form, he brings a nice offensive punch off of the bench.

Jermaine O'Neal, C Phoenix

The Suns are embracing the youth movement and obviously O'Neal isn't as young as he used to be. He would help our center position greatly.

Francisco Garcia, F/G Sacramento

Garcia is an expiring and might like to actually play on a decent team. The Kings may not make moves with the ongoing sale, but saving a couple dollars might be alright. He's not a world-changer but 'Cisco should be a rotation guy.

Situations change, and more players could be at-risk of a buyout/waiving, or these may not be options at all. One situation to monitor is Dallas. They have tons of veterans, who may not all be too happy if they are clearly missing the playoffs.

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