Put your toys and dolls in the JD 2/28/2013

When I was a kid I used to play with my sister Angélica a toys-basketball game. I had a few toys in a box while she had a ton of toys and dolls, but I didn´t worry about been outnumbered, because she could put in play only a few toys per game, although she had more variety to choose and could use that to her advantage. In fact, I made a big mistake when I agreed to keep our rosters closed to changes. I was naif at that time,


especially compared with my sister, who had a great eye for all game rules that could count.


(this is a gif but seems it does not run for me here, so if you want to wacht it you can click on it if it does not run for you either. Reminder:right click first and open in a new tab)

In that game, toys and dolls had each one five strengths and five weaknesses, which had to be related to the toy or the doll in particular. For example, big toys had good rebounding and shot blocking abilities, but were slow. Toys with guns were good shooters. Small toys were quick and good at passing. Obviously, there were many other rules involved. For example, strenghts and weaknesses were affected by the area of the court the toys were placed into during any given play, but I´m not going to bore you with those. On the other hand, It´s relevant to say that our respective toys reflected their owners character somehow.


My traditional starting line-up was composed by a tall ranger, a Young Guard Granadier, two Sioux warriors, one with a big bow and a taller one with a tomahawk, and a Leopard Man. It was a strange crew, but they looked like very effective. All of them made out of good strong plastic, except the Granadier, who was a tin soldier and, therefore, a little bit fragile. Sadly, this guy was not available at the time.


Judas, my black cat, used to come to me as soon as he heard I was taking my toys box. He was half my coaching staff. I was the other half. And we both liked that team so much, and we were so happy going to play with it against my sister´s.


Our favorite offensive play was "The Mouse in the House", which happened when one of our bigs was isolated against a small player near the basket and we tried to give him de ball. It was not easy to convert that advantage in results though.


Angelica´s most used line-ups could be filled with a combination of five of any among these ones: a talking Minnie Mouse, a Mexican Guerrillera doll, Barbie Soldier, Ken, The Doll That Could Pee, a rag bunny, a musical ballerina doll, and a big Teddy Bear. I really really hated that team. It was too noisy too.


It has to be a cat thing, because my own one left me alone before every unforgettable defeat. I used to feel devastated, and he had just dissapeared. It was my dog who at those moments came to me. I´m still a cat guy, but man, that dog deserved a monument.


On the other hand, my sister always looked like normal after games, even the few times she lost.


(this is also a gif, so you can click on it if it does not run for you here)

When I was 10 y.o. I still didn´t know what was wrong with my team, which looked so nice but could not win. But when I was 11 I realized that I had thrown my toys under the bus by sending them to play with a box that lacked depth and against a team that had so many options, including The Doll That Could Pee, which was the dirtiest player ever. She could really use her nastiness and trashtalking to her team´s advantage. And do not now come here telling me that a member of the female gender can not play dirty.


So I decided enough is enough and changed my team concept, starting with myself. We were going to be tough, I could even become a thug, because if dirtiness had to be in order to win, so BE IT!


I never lost again from then. Well ... maybe every other day.

Now is your turn to tell us your stories about toys, dolls or whatevers you played with when you were kids, boys and girls.

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