The Remaining Schedule... A Slightly Brighter Outlook.

This is my first post ever on here. I've commented several times but have never done a fanpost... Here goes nothing!

I see all of these projections for the remaining schedule and tend not to have quite as dim of an outlook as everyone else. We have 26 games remaining (14 home games, 12 road games). We have a solid home record of 18-9 which means by numbers only we should win 9-10 of our remaining home games. Although our schedule is tough down the stretch, our record against the teams we play the rest of the year is 17-18 with losses coming against Detroit, NO and Milwaukee (which hopefully won't be repeated) . We also played Brooklyn on the road and without LMA. I'm listing the rest of the schedule and my projections next. The parentheses mean we have multiple games left. If it is only two games then it means it is a home and home series. The numbers on the right is our record against these teams.

Denver (2)- 1-1

Minnesota- 3-0

Charlotte- 1-0

Memphis (3- 2h, 1A)- 1-0

@San Antonio- 1-1

@New Orleans- 1-1

New York- 1-0






OKC (2)- 0-2


Utah (2)- 1-1

GS (2)-0-1

Houston- 2-1




5 game home stand- Memphis, Houston, Dallas, LAL, OKC

5 game road trip- Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, Atlanta, OKC

Should win- @NO, Minnesota, Charlotte,@ Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Brooklyn (Brooklyn and Dallas are at home. Lost a close game @Brooklyn w/o LMA.)

Losses- @OKC, @Denver, @San Antonio, @LAC (Top teams and/or OWN us on their home court)

I see the remaining 15 games as "toss-up" games. Even if we finish 7-8 in those toss-up games, that leaves us at 14-12. Our final record would then be 40-42. I definitely could see us with as many as 40 wins and maybe even a little higher. I don't see us only winning eight of our remaining games as I've seen projected multiple times. I see us finishing at 500. 41-41. I may be a homer but this is a very real scenario that unfortunately would likely have us just out of the playoff race and with no draft pick. I'm OK with it as we would have more cap space, it's a weak draft, and we have to give that pick away at some point so I'd rather it be this weaker draft. Plus, I'd much rather watch and root for wins than a lottery pick any day! (I got my info from and hope I didn't miscalculate anything)

So there it is. What do you think? I appreciate any and all feedback!

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