The Three Blazer' Bombers

Today, I wanted to examine our 3 Blazers Bombers: Damian Lillard, Nic Batum, and Wes Matthews; taking a look at just how many 3pt shots they have been putting up, and more importantly, making.

Blazers history has never experienced something like this...






For reference, here is the Blazers season records for 3-Pt shots attempted and made.

3-Pt Field Goals

1. Damon Stoudamire 181 2004-05
2. Clifford Robinson 178 1995-96
3. Rudy Fernandez 159 2008-09
4. Damon Stoudamire 156 2003-04
5. Wesley Matthews 154 2010-11
6. Terry Porter 143 1992-93
7. Clifford Robinson 142 1994-95
8. Steve Blake 140 2008-09
9. Isaiah Rider 135 1997-98
10. Kenny Anderson 132


3-Pt Field Goal Attempts

1. Damon Stoudamire 490 2004-05
2. Clifford Robinson 471 1995-96
3. Damon Stoudamire 427 2003-04
4. Isaiah Rider 420 1997-98
5. Rudy Fernandez 398 2008-09
6. Clifford Robinson 383 1994-95
7. Wesley Matthews 378 2010-11
8. Kenny Anderson 366 1996-97
9. Rudy Fernandez 361 2010-11
10. Clifford Robinson 350


Now, lets look at where our 3 bombers currently sit.

Nic Batum(52 games): 120 made 3pt shots out of 330 attempted 3pt shots

Damian Lillard(53 games): 116 made 3pt shots out of 331 attempted 3pt shots

Wes Matthews(46 games): 103 made 3pt shots out of 271 attempted 3pt shots


For all 3 of them to make our top 10(made 3pt shots):

* Batum would need just 20 more made 3pt shots.

* Lillard would need just 24 more made 3pt shots.

* Matthews would need just 37 more made 3pt shots.


Could either(both) Batum or Lillard make a run at Blazers history, and overtake Damon Stoudamire' 181 made 3pt shots from 2004-05?

Well, if they keep their current pace(and no more missed games):

* Batum would finish the season with 187 made 3pt shots.

* Lillard would finish the season with 180 made 3pt shots.


Will Lillard make a run at Blazers(NBA) history, and make the most 3pt shots for a Blazers(NBA) rookie?

Rudy Fernandez is the Blazers record holder, with 159 made 3pt shots in his rookie season.

Stephen Curry is the NBA record holder, with 166 made 3pt shots in his rookie season.

* Lillard, with 116 made 3pt shots, would need just 50 more made 3pt shots in his last 29 games to break/tie the record. I think that he is well on pace, and will easily break the NBA record, presuming he doesn't get hurt.


For perspective, looking at the Blazers career leaders:

3-Pt Field Goals

1. Terry Porter 773
2. Damon Stoudamire 717
3. Clifford Robinson 492
4. Clyde Drexler* 464
5. Nicolas Batum 461
6. Steve Blake 415
7. Martell Webster 403
8. Wesley Matthews 386
9. Rudy Fernandez 373
Rasheed Wallace 373

As you can see, Batum is just 3 made 3pts from passing Clyde Drexler, and moving into fourth all-time in Blazers history.

Not far behind him is Matthews, who just passed Rasheed and Rudy, moving him into 9th all-time in Blazers history.

If things go as expected, Batum will pass both Drexler and Cliffy by the end of the season, and Matthews will pass both Webster and Blake by the the end of the season.


For those curious, the top 10 career Blazers, with regards to 3pt percentage:

3-Pt Field Goal Pct

1. James Jones .444
2. Kiki Vandeweghe .408
3. Steve Blake .408
4. Ime Udoka .406
5. Walt Williams .402
6. Tracy Murray .396
7. Wesley Matthews .392
8. Greg Anthony .391
9. Nick Van Exel .389
10. Terry Porter .385

At times, it feels like we don't give Wesley the credit he deserves with regards to his 3pt bombing potential.

Sure, at times, Wes reminds me of an out of control Artest when he drives the ball, but when Wes gets it going, his 3pt stroke is as beautiful as we've had the privilege of ever viewing.


With all 3 signed for at least another couple seasons, we should be expecting many of our 3pt records to fall.

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