What the Blazers need to do to become a CONTENDER in 2 years

So the two most pressing concerns for the blazers next year are going to be the STARTING CENTER and the BENCH... now i love Hickson and think he is one of the better energy players in the league but after this season someone is gonna sign him to a huge 8 million dollar contract, and i just don't this he's worth it.

The best way we can get rid Hickson and still benefit is by trading him and Price for Jason Terry and Chris Wilcox (you can throw in Eliot Williams Nolan Smith and/or Luke Babbit if the Celtics need more) because the Celtics are likely to be blowing the team up with rondo out for the rest of the year.

The blazers need to add a shot blocking defensive minded center and i was looking at the list of free agents for next year and the name that really jumped out at me was Samuel Dalembert who I think is the best defensive center that we can reasonably get (Dwight Howard being the one who we cant get) of course theres Al Jefferson but he isn't really a center and i cant see him playing with Lamarcus. So i think we can get Dalembert for between 7 and 8 mil which we can do. Another great option is Tiago spitter but I dont think he'll be as good a teacher for Lenard as Dalembert.

After you have traded for Terry and signed Dalembert you have to look for a backup point guard and the 2 point guards that stood out to me for next year were Aaron Brooks and Moe Williams... Now i was really torn as to who i wanted Aaron brooks is one of my favorite players in the league but he hasn't been the same since he got back from China and he has a player option for next year... and last year Moe Williams was a great backup for CP3 and i actually think he was better as a backup than a starter so Moe is the obvious choice for the blazers next year... and you can get him for about 5 or 6 million and thats pretty much it in terms of cap space.

Now if Przybilla hasn't retired next year we could sign him for the veterans minimum as well. Michael Pietrus is a free agent you could get for cheap as well

So now if you do all of that your active roster would look something like this... and thats a top 5 bench as well as a top 5 starting lineup

PG Damian Lillard/Moe Williams

SG Wesley Mathews/Jason Terry

SF Nicolas Batum/Michael Pietrus/Wesely Mathews

PF Lamarcus Aldridge/Chris Wilcox/Meyers Lenard

C Samuel Dalembert/Meyers Lenard/Joel Przybilla

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