My Little Cupcake


My little Cupcake, how I hate you so dear;
My little Cupcake, with your big fat rear,
My little Cupcake, and your crumbling career,
My little Cupcake, you're still a fat*ss, I fear.
My little Cupcake, I'm not going to lie;
My little Cupcake, you did make me cry.
My little Cupcake, my eyes are now dry;
My little Cupcake, I still wish you would die.
My little Cupcake, I wonder how many cupcakes you ate;
My little Cupcake, next time just deny yourself the sixth plate.
My little Cupcake, don't over-eat to escape the hate;
My little Cupcake, this doesn't have to be your fate.
My little Cupcake, I'm just trying to be your mate;
My little Cupcake, please just start worrying about your weight.
My little Cupcake, with your negative thirty eight,
My little Cupcake, the Celtics made you look third rate.
My little Cupcake, sometimes I ask why?
My little Cupcake, you left us so high and dry.
My little Cupcake, I don't think you're a bad guy;
My little Cupcake, your fat *ss just makes me sigh.
My little Cupcake, I don't mean to jeer,
My little Cupcake, but you're shaped like a sphere.
My little Cupcake, stuck in fifth gear;
My little Cupcake, you're driving fans to drink fifths of Belvedere.


For reference:

(1) The NY Knicks lost today by 41 points at home to the Boston Celtics. This was their 3rd largest home loss in franchise history. This was the largest margin of defeat this season.

Raymond Felton played 20 minutes, and had a negative 38 point differential. He went 0-6 from the field, and 0-1 from the 3pt line. He contributed 0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 steals, and 0 blocks. Though he did foul someone, so it's not like he was completely absent from the game.

(2) The Celtics came into his game with a 9-12 record, just 4-7 on the road.

(3) The loss drops the NY Knicks to 5-14, and just 2-8 at home.

Personally, if I was KP2, I would check the Schoene projections to ensure that there wasn't a glitch, because they look nothing like a 37 win team.

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