Players Having Season Highs Against Our Defense

Recently is was brought to my attention that opposing players like to post season high numbers against us. Is it just a coincidence or is there something very wrong with our defense. I have posted below players that have a season high in points against our defense so far this season. I have posted the game and any players that have had a season high in points in that game.

Game 1: @ Phoenix (L)

Player(s) P.J Tucker (18 points)

Game 2: @ Denver (W)

Player(s) Nate Robinson (24 points)

Game 3: San Antonio (W)

Player(s) None

Game 4: Houston (L)

Player(s) None

Game 5: Sacramento (W)

Player(s) DeMarcus Cousins (35 points)

Game 6: @ Sacramento (W)

Player(s) None

Game 7: Detroit (W)

Player(s) None

Game 8: Phoenix (W)

Player(s) None

Game 9: @ Boston (W)

Player(s) Jared Sullinger (26 points)

Game 10: @ Toronto (W)

Player(s) Rudy Gay (30 points), Jonas Valanciunas (19 points)

Game 11: @ Brookyn (W)

Player(s) Kevin Garnett (16 points), Shaun Livingston (23 points)

Game 12: @ Milwaukee (W)

Player(s) Luke Ridnour (13 points)

Game 13: Chicago (W)

Player(s) Derrick Rose (20 points), Kirk Hinrich (13 points)

Game 14: @ Golden State (W)

Player(s) None

Game 15: New York (W)

Player(s) Kenyon Martin (10 points)

Game 16: @ Phoenix (L)

Player(s) Channing Frye (25 points), Goran Dragic (31 points)

Game 17: @ Los Angeles Lakers (W)

Player(s) Xavier Henry (27 points), Robert Sacre (12 points)

Game 18: Indiana (W)

Player(s) Paul George (43 points)

Game 19: Oklahoma City (W)

Player(s) None

Game 20: Utah (W)

Player(s) None

Game 21: Dallas (L)

Player(s) None

Game 22: @ Utah (W)

Player(s) None

Game 23: Houston (W)

Player(s) None

Game 24: @ Philadelphia (W)

Player(s) Hollis Thompson (17 points)

Game 25: @ Detroit (W)

Player(s) Josh Smith (31 points)

Game 26: @ Cleveland (W)

Player(s) None

Game 27: @ Minnesota (L)

Player(s) None

Game 28: New Orleans (W)

Player(s) None

Game 29: Los Angeles Clippers (W)

Player(s) None

Game 30: Miami (L)

Player(s) Chris Bosh (37 points)

Game 31: @ New Orleans (L)

Player(s) Jrue Holiday (31 points)


In conclusion, the Blazers do give up a moderate amount of season highs, but the amount is lower than I expected. There are many familiar names in that list. Most are starters while others are the first player off their bench. There are an equal amount of big man and guards on that list, so the problem is not on just one position. Hope you guys had fun reading this. This is my first FanPost, so don't be too hard on my writing or formatting skills! Go Blazers!

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