Damian Lillard: A Western Silent Assassin

"Cold blooded". "Deadly". "A silent assassin". These are the words that people have used in the last 48 hours to describe Damian Lillard and his successive heroics. First Detroit, then Cleveland. Who will be next?

Just like a ruthless hitman ticking off finished jobs on a piece of paper, Damian Lillard is ticking off defeated opposing teams on his calendar. Tick, tick,.....tick.

The following is a short, real but fictional piece on Lillard, who I will refer to as the 'Western silent assassin'.

Make no mistake, this, is a very dangerous man. Under the coolly behavior and juvenile facial features, lies a shrewd, fierce assailant patiently waiting for his next hit.

Deft and unruffled, the Western silent assassin is wandering city to city, arena to arena, annihilating his victims with aloof peculiarity. For a total of 48 minutes, his opponents are submitted to precise, long-ranged, perpetual attacks, from both him and his accomplices.

Thanks to their prompt collaborations and unmatched deadeye shooting abilities, the Western silent assassin and his accomplices have taken over the West.

Cold Blooded - The story of this Western silent assassin was not told but until recently. Long before the due recognition, long before the accolades, and long before his name began to roam on television screens all over the world, tracking his Oakland, California traces was close to impossible. Although the prominence of his work was evident from a tender age, only a small number of people came calling for his services.

Deadly - While spending four years in the high altitudes of Ogden, Utah honing his craft, the silent assassin managed to rise above the competition and established himself as one of the most feared amateurs in the West.

As word of him quickly spread, professional experts all over the country began to take notice and acknowledge what many couldn't see.

A Silent Assassin - The former amateur has now graduated. Now, he is a professional working in Portland, Oregon. His name is known to millions of people, some who admire him, some who despise him.

What we have witnessed over the past few days has rarely been witnessed before: two cities, two homicides, in two consecutive nights. Is he that stealthy?

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