The West is a swarm of sharks thirsting for Blazer blood

Oklahoma City Thunder- They came to Portland wanting to put the Blazers on notice. Russ wanted to punk Dame, Wes, Stotts, the state of Oregon, he punked himself and his team instead. Durant is sick of hearing about the Blazers. He's sick of hearing about Paul George. OKC loses. Durant has to keep hearing about the Blazers. OKC would like to make people like The New York Times stop talking about TrailBlazer basketball.

San Antonio Spurs- They came to Portland with a kind of bohemian indifference to the challenges ahead. They tried to "Portlandia" Portland and got "Portlandiad" instead- courtesy of Nic Batum's bohemian triple double at the buzzer. Tim Duncan and company have stopped looking at the Blazers with satire eyes.

Houston Rockets- The Blazers go to Houston and take a thumping. Daryl Morey is laughing at all the fans on Blazer's Edge (I am such a fan) who think Asik ends up in a Blazer's uniform. And they send an advance scout to watch the Blazers a full 5 days before their next matchup. The Rockets want to spend 5 days thinking about the Blazers. That's obsessive. It's stalkerish and restraining order worthy. Or it's what serious playoff teams do.

Los Angeles Clippers- Blake Griffin does not appreciate you not looking at him. He's all like, "LaMarcus! PHSAW! Better than ME?! AW HELL NO HE ISN"T!" Chris Paul does not appreciate you not looking at him surgically dissecting impossible passing angles. Doc Rivers is a molder of egos. In the far reaching corners of his mind he has nightmares of a #5 seeding with a first round matchup with #4 Portland in the first round. Terry Stotts has the same nightmare- in numerical reverse! No home court.

Golden State Warriors- Mark Jackson is telling his squad that Portland is a land of heathens and blasphemists. "Look Ma! There go that sinner!" Curry and Klay vs Dame and Wes. Batum vs Iguodala. LMA vs Lee. Lopez vs Bogut. These 2 teams are destined to meet in the playoffs. The Dubs have started slow. In the far reaches of Mark Jacksons mind he has nightmares of a #6 seed and a first round meeting with the #3 seed Blazers. If Portland has any prolonged injuries to a starter, Terry Stotts is the one having that nightmare.

Dallas Mavericks- Buzzer Beater followed by a Buzz Killer in Sacramento. Still. Mark Cuban+Dirk Nowitzki+trade deadline upgrades= another shark in our tank.

Minnesota Timberwolves- New Orleans Pelicans- Denver Nuggets- Memphis Grizzlies= Sharks that will cannibalize each other. Hopefully.

In closing, i am pretty sure that the Blazers can stand to part with their stable of baby sharks (Meyers, CJ, Crabbe, Barton, Claver,) to get a nasty, grizzled shark like Varejao, or Afflalo, or even Hawes or Gibson. If it means having to give up either T-Rob or Freeland( Not both!) to get a real 6th starter (Sorry Mo-Will-still love ya) do you do that?

Imagine a single one of our starters missing 3 weeks or a month or 2 or 3 starters plus a key bench player missing an average of 8 or 9 games each. In the above mentioned shark tank. Care for your sharks. Fortify.

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