Are the Skeptics Right?

Here are some popular sentiments that have been repeated throughout the pages of Blazer's Edge and elsewhere before this season started and then up to this point so far this year:


The Blazers need to trade LaMarcus Aldridge and rebuild ASAP to avoid mediocrity or worse this year.

There is no way that the Blazers can dramatically improve without blowing it all up.

The Blazers will only win around 38 games this year.

First Few Games:

If the Blazers lost to a team like Phoenix they probably cannot beat many other teams.

The Blazers do not have the talent to be an elite team in the NBA.

It is unlikely that the Blazers will make the playoffs.

Lillard is not a top 10 point guard.

Through 15% of the Season with a 10-2 Record:

Sure the Blazers have won some games but they have had a really easy schedule.

The Blazers have just gotten lucky.

The Blazers have been playing teams who have injured players so their record is questionable.

The Blazers really haven't beaten quality teams.

As time has gone on this season, more and more of the aforementioned positions are looking less and less accurate. That said, many of the people making them are not budging. Such people are extremely reluctant to reasonably consider the fact that the Blazers just may in fact be a very solid team this year and that they may even be - dare I say - elite. It is still too early to tell and a horrific regressive collapse by the Blazers is certainly still possible which, quite ironically, gives the pessimists reason for optimism.

Perhaps a solid, unlucky win against a non-injured playoff-bound team with one of the best records in the league would cause the skeptics to re-consider their stout positions., I do not even think that would be enough because such a victory would also have to come on the road otherwise it could be chalked up to what Dwight Jaynes recently called a "Moda Center Win." Evidently, a Moda Center Win takes place when the home crowd ends up being the primary reason for a victory and NOT the actual Blazers basketball team that played the game.

At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical homer who doesn't understand basketball stats, graphs and trends and who doesn't fully grasp the hidden nuances that clearly point to the fact that Portland is really a bad team, I will just say.................GO BLAZERS!

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